2019 Cadillac CT6 Review: The base turbo four-cylinder sedan won’t leave you in tears

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2019 Cadillac CT6 is a more stylish flagship sedan all while sharper looks and tech improvements sweeten the CT6’s value proposition. Read our full review – https://roadshow.co/IBQ7O4

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Joseph Clark says:

Great review

Jayson Davis says:

The number of cylinders impacts smoothness more than horsepower. It’s a beautiful car inside and out, but I think Cadillac is kidding if they’re expecting to move many of the 4 cylinders.

Could be they just need to build a certain number of more fuel efficient 4 cylinder models to avoid some federal penalty or qualify for some incentive

Adam Slosar says:

They didn’t sell because for a small amount more I would buy a S class.
That’s the problem with GM.
All cars should be at least 40% less MSRP.
You forced me to a Mercedes dealer, and I stayed.

Doug Smith says:

A 4cylinder in a luxury flagship car?! Ridiculous , turbo or not! OVERPRICED as well. Kill it.

steven wentling says:

I own a 2018, nice car. Hate to see it go away .

Clayton says:

CTS-V. This car is a joke.

님HIDE says:

Gorgeous design…
give me V8 NA ct6

Jonathan Brown says:

Cancelled car….that was a quick move as sedan sales get replaced by cuv s….

Anton S. Tomac says:

I like this dude

Michael Dust says:

Lol who let this little kid make a review😂😂😂😂

DAM8658 says:

Even if it was a small V8 with around 300hp, people probably would’ve accepted it better. Turbos and V6’s don’t belong in a car that size. Same goes for a Continental.

W Begay says:

Anybody else notice all that aluminium foil in the engine bay??

Bob M says:

The headlights are very ugly, they look like two boogers, this is the ugliest headlight design I have ever seen

sruly p. says:

Info on the INTRO MUSIC

S T A T I O N W A G O N says:

I think Cadillac lost its edge years ago, they should have stuck with their opulent luxury car image

680ecks says:

Great looking car ,I would like one if I could buy something that expensive .

Xiaotong Li says:

They should put a twin turbo V8 kicking 400+ horsepower, otherwise it is just another poor Cadillac

Cameron Pancoast says:

It’s the V-Sport

Jae Kae says:

How lame is it that they've decided to axe their most beautiful car.. Shame

Raymond Johnson says:

I really can't stand to look at that little troll. Anyway the interior has never been an issue for the CT6 so I don't know what he is talking about. It is more sporty that sumptuous.

Дмитрий Анальчюг says:

Привет дружок ,да пока все на английском .

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