2019 Buick Enclave – Review & Road Test

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Buick’s 2019 Enclave is a seven-passenger SUV that aims for those family-hauler shoppers with premium taste looking for the lux life. Completely redesigned inside and out, with new tech and safety features, improved cargo space, the Enclave is powered by a 3.6-liter V6 with a 9-speed automatic transmission. But does all that add up to American luxury? Micah Muzio of Kelley Blue Book will let you know at the end of this video.

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Kamaka Chang says:

The 2013 Ford C-Max I used to have came standard with auto up and down on all 4 windows.

D. Porter says:

4:14 – The 2019 does NOT allow deactivation of the annoying and worthless stop/start system.

mukund prabhune says:

Can you review Cadillac Escalade

Kevin G says:

This car would be a rent a car and even that’s an over statement. A luxury rent a car.

eaz54 says:

@1:21 is that a subtle Straight Pipes shout out?

Eli Johnson says:

Great review love this guy! Enclave isn’t worth the price though, honestly id just wait for the 2020 Ford Explorer

Jim Brown says:

Annoying review

E K says:

This KBB team is awesome

Larry says:

Well the seats in the 2019 Enclave aren’t any different than the ones in our 2016 Enclave, very uncomfortable, very hard and stiff, no cushion in them, like sitting on boards wrapped in leather…..My Ford F150 has nicer more comfortable seats , more cushion too. Try finding some seats that were in the 2008 Buick Lucerne, then you’ll have nice interior.

Leveraged says:

Ill wait for the Palisade

byron Rideaux says:

this car gets a lot of publicity on Black-ish

Corey Adams says:

The previous enclave was a bit more better looking, this gen. looks anonymous a bit dry.

Terry Jones says:

Switch the rear view mirror to camera mode and you can see everything behind you… and you won't see the head rests on the rear seats.

James Dennis says:

Another overpriced gas hog SUV. Of course there are dumbasses out there who will drop big money on one. But hey, there are enough fools who will spend about $100,000 an an Escalade.

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