2019 BMW X7 xDrive50i – The Big, Bad, Bimmer?

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Bigger is better right? #BMW has been in desperate need of an SUV larger than the current X5 and for 2019, they finally get that exact vehicle. This is the new flagship SAV of their lineup, the all-new 2019 #BMWX7. Riding on a modified X5 platform and stretched out by over 9 inches in overall length, this BMW #X7 should have the chops to go toe to toe with the best from Mercedes, Lincoln, Land Rover, and Cadillac.


Redline Reviews says:

Happy Friday everyone! We were actually a lot more impressed with the new BMW X7 more than we anticipated. This is truly a rival to the equally pricey Lincoln Navigator and way above the league for the current Cadillac Escalade and Mercedes-Benz GLS. That being said, we will be driving and reviewing the all-new 2020 GLS next month. Until then, let us know your thoughts about the new X7 below!

Rons Rides says:

Call my black ass "broke" but that charging for Apple Car Play is a complete TURN OFF!

Abdullah Abushehab says:

Is the guy holding the camera at the beginning of the video 3 meters tall?

M KK says:

Once he said 120k, forget it.
In two years it will be 75k. In three 60k.

Mohammed Aziz says:

6000 pound is 3 tons, 1 ton=2000 pounds

Mr. Reyes says:

Lmao i see a lot of things that will break over time and I’m sorry but that V8 does not sound good at all, leave the V8s for american companies and I’m a JDM fan.

Joshua102888 says:

I thought the dude in the background was going to fall at 30:50


24:57, you miss spoke and said six tons, that's 12,000 pounds, I believe you meant to say 6000 pounds. Definitely not light but not 6 tons. At 6 tons it would cost about $10 per pound but at its actual weight its $20 per pound, $120k yikes. Thanks for your reviews, always informative!

Ale Dan says:

Wonderful, well done review. I don’t have the X7, but I have apple car play, and the only few times I have tried it, it was a disappointment (it sucks). It’s like siriusxm, just worthless imo.

chekvb says:

A hint for those of you griping about the monthly fee for Carplay: this class of car isn't for you.

People who can actually afford this don't count money on the relevant scale.

Clarence C says:

Hmm should I buy?

deadartapart says:

4.4 engine is over 10 years old..
with it's many issues.

Sise Esan says:

I can’t wait for the new 2020 GLS review to see the difference

GreenTea says:

1:48 everyone complaining about BMWs grills, but no one talking about the Toyota Avalon's whale mouth grill taking over 80% of the front

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