2018 Tesla Model S – The Original EV Game Changer

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#Tesla changed the world’s perspective on electric cars with the introduction of the #ModelS in 2012. This was the first mass produced #EV that could do over 200 miles on a single charge with acceleration that could shame gasoline powered sports cars. Over the years, Tesla has continued to make improvements to the Model S in range, performance, technology, and quality and although the current model is due for a significant overhaul, it remains the benchmark electric sedan. For 2019, Tesla has discontinued the 75D battery pack in this video and made the 100 kWh batteries as standard. The model names: 75D, 100D, P100D have also been discontinued and have been replaced with just Model S, Model S Extended Range, Model S Performance, and Model S Performance with Ludicrous Upgrade. #TeslaModelS


maxthejong says:

go watch this Tesla video it is amazing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBoumkXo3fg

Ethan Partain says:

Why no gas pedal?

Vic The Tech Champion says:

Says one trick pony and the proceeds to name a bunch of great features

Ashik Jonathan says:

Curb weight or kerb weight?

kens97sto171 says:

I prefer the Model 3 exterior, but the interior on the Model S much better.
Hope they don't switch to the M3 dash.. or lack of an instrument cluster.

PaulBodyBuilder says:

Retarded music

Spencer thrall says:

Tesla is a technology company no way in hell would they put Apple CarPlay or android auto in the car

Dogphlap says:

Agreed the steering is numb but the steering does not have to be 'too light', there are three options any one of which can be selected from the touch screen to adjust the weight of the steering.

Dogphlap says:

It's mandatory to have a real dedicated button to turn on hazard lights (this has nothing to do with Tesla doing the right thing for its customers).

Jenny Long says:

those air vents look so old and dated… model 3 interior all the way

Joshua Vail says:

"I still consider it a one-trick pony." lists like 15 things it does great

Bitcoin Guru says:

I am Selling my Tesla model S if interested drop you email and we can discuss further

tech mm says:

What is your height

Smile Receive says:

This car is simply wonderful. The range is insane and the comfort just stunning. I have a Model X and a Porsche GT and let me tell you this shits on both of them. Period. The only negative is the build quality which is very inconsistent. My test model had leaks and issues with the seats, windows, lights and brakes. Minor issues, yes and perhaps early model issues but it was a tester from late 2018.

hawk Hawkins says:

No refreshments if it's not broken.. you're not a car designer

Don A says:

How much does Winter driving effect the Tesla 8's performance; ie: Battery life, etc.??

los angeles finest says:

last month i bought 2 toyotas camry 2019, im about to return one and get a testla, its will be for my girl but definitely i want to own a sexy car like this ❀

Kiyoko3 says:

Black interior looks boring af

Isaac Kamau says:

$600 carbon fiber option on the dashboard. Yikes! πŸ’Έ

TesApp says:

Nice! If your are interested in Tesla-Browser optimized web-applications, enter http://www.tes.app in your Tesla browser πŸ™‚

Sirkildalot says:

I understand you can still get a sunroof even though it’s not listed on the site.

Trulux says:

2:38 Side angle of the headlight looks eerily similar to the Audi A5

Snoop Big Dog says:

My heart is melting…

Snoop Big Dog says:

Choose the P100D

Francisco Garcia says:

Could anyone help on how much this affects the electricity bill by?
And would you be able to connect a solar panel to the charger?

evo lve says:

No problems seeing out of my S. Perhaps you should raise your seat. Much easier seeing out of than a Camaro. No comparison.

Matt Blanco says:

Way overpriced. Quality is lacking.

HW2800 says:

Touch screen is obsolete now! That because nobody has the time to learn how to "touch" the screen. Either a rotary knob or a touch pad is the state of the art for controls.

Ray Heatley says:

I do agree with most of your comments however your butt needs to mature quite a bit before you will be able to recognize the difference between a true luxury car and the Tesla S go cart ride on rough roads. We do have the 2018 model S 100D and my wife is pushing me to trade it in for a Mercedes wagon. I have to say that I like passing gas stations.

Sahara mecole says:


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