2018 Tesla Model 3 Review – Enough to beat a BMW or Mercedes? | Autocar

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This is the big one. Or, rather, the small one: the Tesla Model 3, Tesla’s smallest car, is also its most important. Subscribe now: http://smarturl.it/autocar

Tasked with taking the Californian company into uncharted territory when it comes to sales volume, this Audi/BMW/Mercedes-rivalling sedan is based on a new architecture, has a 300+ mile range and an affordable price – from $35,000 in the US, before options (of which the big battery is one).

We head, then, to California to try it out, on roads that represent the narrower, more interesting Tarmac than America’s wide highways. Places where cars like the BMW 3-Series are design to excel. How does the Model 3 shape up against the world’s best executive cars?

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Gus Johnson says:

Shit box, they can't make them.. 5,000 staff put off..
Jaguar shits on them, with the iPace, and xPace..
And i am a combustion engine, 6.2 liter, supercharged owner.. HSV Australia..
I Just don't like the Tesla con.. Elon Musk, uses investors money, to do crap all..

MyEyesBled says:

We LOVE our Model 3…

Jedi Master says:

Car is great, reviewer is an idiot!

Rishab Grover says:

This is the most boring, ill researched ( electric technology) car review.
He sounds like he wants to sugarcoat the statement ‘ I don’t like electric cars’

Bo Han says:

You're not getting it for $35,000 in the U.S.

disturbed250 says:

Large screens are terrible and the positioning of that is just not a good idea. You want speed, revs, warnings infront of you through the steering wheel… not just because its always been there but as its a natural easy and less distracting way of checking quickly. Things like heated seats, air con should be physical buttons so you..once your used to the car.. you can do it mostly without looking and then the rest in a centre screen, fine. That screen is too large, ungainly to look at, the dash looks terrible and having a white screen infront of you with a speedo on the left corner…you would get distracted something awful. Poor design if you ask me and again if that screens fails…. you don't have anything else you can check. Hmmm… this trend of trying to get rid of all buttons is not the best IMO.

Friendly Guy says:

I'd give my money to Mercedes and BMW anyday, I ain't buying an ugly home appliance.

Tungsten Carbide says:

ergonomics are horrible. Some functions need to have direct buttons e.g. mirror controls.

David Winn says:

Is anyone besides me concerned about Tesla’s financial condition? Elon said if he builds the $35,000 model 3, it will bankrupt the company. He says he has to focus on the higher priced versions. Also, on various forums, Tesla’s financial situation has been described as perilous with something like 10 billion in debt and huge negative cash flow. I think I will wait a year to buy my model 3 – to make sure Tesla is still in business.

Raj Shinde says:

Dull car !! Worst interior and ergonomics

Simon Hardtung says:

already did

dadfud4869 says:

June 7th 2018 the braking system on Tesla Model 3 has been UP GRADED and now meets the standard,was upgraded on line! Well who else can do that TODAY?????????????????????????????

Danny Minely says:

So good to see the end of the stupid combustion engine.

Eternalite Mission says:

And you just rear ended a semi, good job elon!

Ruchir says:

In the caption, you should've included the name "Audi" as well. In my opinion, Audi and BMW are way ahead of Mercedes when it comes to innovation and practicality.

Ted Green says:

Poor guy was distracted by those steering wheel "nipples" @2:45 ~ lol

kevin n says:

Where is the 35k USD version of this car? I know Elon keeps promising this 35k USD dollar version of this car but he's been doing that for years. It won't be this year either. What he's doing is selling a "beta version" of the car at 60-65k USD and the next versions will add AWD so they will be more. In Canada that's a BMW M3…

zealot316 says:

what song is in the background?

far num says:

lol, better then a Benz… just because general public has no idea what quality is in a car (I'm looking at you US with your Lexus/Acura/Infiniti love) it doesn't mean this is a quality car for the price they ask. But don't take my word for it, go watch how a Benz is tested before series 0 production, and then go back and laugh at the major, MAJOR, quality flaws in this overhyped thing. No, not the one offered for review to the auto press, the ones you get when you buy one. Now let's prepare for the Elon's fanboys to jump in with anger and no tech arguments (they might want to check their own Tesla owners forums before 😉

Rowan Ashby says:

Anyone notice the stitching on the steering wheel?

TheOriginalCoda says:

Tezzla? GRRR!

chubstheclown says:

A few points to make about this review (some may have been covered in other comments). 0-60 is officially 5.1 seconds for this car. The 5.5-5.6s the reviewer mentions is for the unreleased standard range version. The EPA ranges for the SR and LR Model 3 are 220 miles and 310 miles respectively (not 210/300 miles as the reviewer states). The reviewer's concerns about the suspension probably don't apply to any Model 3 delivered today. It is clear from the video that he is driving a very early car (alcantara headliner). The suspension has since been changed, and owners with early cars can have their suspension changed out if they request it.

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