2018 Rolls Royce Phantom Review – The Most Luxurious Car In The World

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2018 Rolls Royce Phantom Review – The Most Luxurious Car In The World

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flicka b says:

"Vertical opening and closing curtains are for poor people"😂😂😂

Axel Edwards says:

Yah but does it have vtec

Kyle Dillard says:

Beautiful car

Colton Hacker says:

This is luxurious as hell and $500,000 I mean if you got that much then just go on and get this

Colton Hacker says:

Compare this to the 13,000,000 car

Nate58 Diaz says:

A jerk reviewing such a fine automotive

Sayam Ahmed says:

Nobody does the fridge and the champagne flutes better then Bentley

Govardhan Datta says:

Need more information about RR

Govardhan Datta says:

Excellent car

MightyGoat5 says:

Only Parker can sit in the most luxurious car in the world….in a tshirt and jeans.. lol

Emad Ahmed says:

This versus the new 2019 Mercedes Maybach S Class is an extremely difficult choice.

spanish kat says:

Volkswagen luxurious line???

APeX Diablo says:

That poor horse drinks itself to sleep now.

SevenDeMagnus says:

I'd probably buy a lot and then just live in that Rolls Royce, lol after there's no more room to build the house..

Shane Michaels says:

I want a circle of stars too 🙁

Released Nine365 says:

Does everybody notices he’s wearing yeezy 350 v2 Breds on his feet ? Out here Ballin 😎 😎😎😎🔥🔥🔥

Kendal Sherlock says:


Ashkan says:

3:50 a single horse actually produces ~22 horsepower

Jaztin Rafael De Juan says:

Im in love😍😍



Parker Bessel says:

You kind of laugh when you realize that Rolls-Royce makes jet engines for airliners

eric hughes says:

Vertical sliding curtains are for poor people😅.

eric hughes says:

I really would like to see this review conducted at night. I'm sure that lighting would just come alive.

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