2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross – Review & Road Test

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The 2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross looks nothing like it’s namesake Eclipse, but Mitsubishi still hopes to capitalize on the sporty heritage of said coupe with their newest compact SUV. Does this latest ute, in an already crowded marketplace, have the genetics to stand out?

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German Quiñonez says:

Did she just say umpf😂😂😂 its oooof women

*_•reshirm•_* says:

just looking at it, you know it will have a CVT…………….

Alexander Roodt says:

Ladies and gentleman, cars are officially DEAD.

Pallav Pareek says:

I don't know who this female presenter is but Kudos to a very flamboyant yet informative video. Kudos!!

Gerard Ferry says:

You, fan of toyota!!!

holodoctor1 says:

Of all of the car brands… why Mitsubishi?

WtrDogg20 says:

Another Volume Knob Complaint??
What is wrong with you people? I have a Civic 2015 with a big ass volume knob in the middle of the car audio controls, and I BARELY USE IT, BECAUSE I HAVE CONTROLS IN THE STEERING WHEEL!
Please stop complaining for silly things…

Jorge Luis Burgoa Cosio says:

I don't guess who's more beautiful her or the car 😍

Vel Boone says:

Yall hatin hard as hell in the comments. Smh… Its a nice vehicle…

Miles Thompson says:

This SUV looks like the other one… and the other one… and all the other ones.

db60615 says:

Let's just be honest floks……..This is a beautiful SUV and performs great. The front design is amazing and makes it look expensive. The only thing turning us off is the name. Mitsubishi has always made solid reliable cars. They just need to fire the creative director!

jonathan fig gen says:

compact suv or crossover is not meant for 6foot guys. 😉

tony says:

nice job there !

Nakul Detroja says:

Eclipse,Rouge,CR-V,RAV4,Edge,Escape,Cherokee,Santa fe,Tucson

Can you please review above cars for 2019 model and help decide which car is worth buying at it's price.

ironmaiden1236541 says:

Isn't she supposed to show cleavage or leg if doing a car review?

Terrance Moore says:

The hostess sort of favor Maria Sharapova. (to me).

Bashav Bohara says:

You do know that there is volume button on the steering right?

Mark FitzSimmons says:

I miss the old eclipse

tom11zz884 says:

I've yet to see any of these on the roads

elsmitro says:

I've had one for a couple weeks now and I love it. You have volume control on the steering wheel and it's super convenient.

Guest says:

You didn’t talk about the ride quality.

Perry Wolf says:

U are old but u bring energy and your are beautiful and cute thanks

K03sport says:

No, to relaunch mitsu to major player status they need to bring back the galant vr-4 sedan and wagon…not everyone wants a cuv but wants enough space for junk in the trunk….I'm hoping their new owners will put badly needed development money in to future mitsu cars (and axe the mirage)

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