2018 MG GS review

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The SUV body shape might not be what comes to mind when you think about MG, with any mention of the iconic British badge usually sparking thoughts of classic compact roadsters and leafy country roads.

Now, though, the storied brand has been brought screaming into the 21st century with new SUV hopefuls like the mid-sized GS and the small ZS.

Here, Adam takes a look at the GS and asks the question, should today’s buyers consider this family car offering?


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Tidwell says:

You over paid. This car is $13,995 here in Peru. Which is cheap because the Golf Gti hers is 42k.. Yes 42k for a basic Manuel golf gti

Simon Walker says:

This is not a icon reborn unfortunately it's not a saloon for starters the 2001-2005 zs car was a brilliant bit of kit to drive. How this SUV has no resemblance at all it should of had it's own name instead of using the old icons name.

Stephen She says:

Great point u made about South Korean cars, not one for everyone back in 2008 but plenty today in 2018. No doubt same can apply to MG, 2028 is the time to buy one!!

Vannith Lonn says:

If possible I would like to see ur review of MG RX5.😊

Taj Bullard_ says:

I could buy a bloody skoda or vw for the price of that. Why would you buy a chinese car for the same price as a german car.

kuldeep der says:

Shiny $2 store car

Marc Kamo says:

The front is plagiarised from old-gen Toyota RAV 4

OldSkoolFunkn80s says:

0-100km in 13 seconds… No Thanks

s DC7 says:

The GS has an uncanny resemblance to the Renault Koleos(one that was sold in India a few years ago)…. Maybe I am being a bit too particular but it is what it is…

RMH 666 says:

thats one disgusting car… I swear everything the Chinese buy ends up with shit product

Stereotyped Hypebeast says:

Looks like a rav4 and a qashqai

R Soul says:

You spoke about using appliances not being memorable, that is where you are wrong, my washing machine is a pain in the arse, the door doesn’t latch properly and it keeps bringing up fault codes, thanks for reminding me.

anasim says:

Looks like a RAV4

Relebogile Chiloane says:

Wow what a copy of the Nissan Qashqai

Unknown User says:

MG still design their cars in the U.K.

Raymond Hunt says:

MG's just don't sell well in the UK. The MG6 has been discontinued here. I'M buyers are more fussy about nice soft touch interiors.

Henrik madsen says:

MG or Volvo = china box

Cameron M says:

The rear looks like an SUV Ioniq

Cameron M says:

Isn’t there an abandoned MG factory in the UK? Full of these and the mg 3

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