2018 Mazda Mazda3 Review and Comparison

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The Mazda3 is IMHO, the most attractive compact sedan or hatchback in America under $35K. On the downside, it’s been a while since Mazda made any significant changes to their smallest sedan. The result is that the Mazda 3 is big on style, big on handling feel but short on power and some of the modern gadgets customers are starting to demand in an entry level vehicle. Until Mazda’s new sedan is released in the next year or so the 3 is still a strong option for those that put a premium on style and a flawless manual transmission.

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Gregg S says:

You left out the Hyundai Elentra and new Elantra GT. They are in the same class and are ful of features not offered in some of the Mazda's competion.

Tim Dumoulin says:

I got the 2018 loaded mazda 3 …7 months ago. it was the best car ever. Amazing how the review's have gone from ..:superb…to now average. I just don't buy into the hype for the new Models. These reviews are like CNN … Fake News – Fake Reviews,

Rockstarzee says:

By far the best car review channel. Deciding between a Mazda3 and Civic, glad I found your channel.

Michael Delcambre says:

thumbs up!!!

Mr. Spock says:

Geez, the Toyota Corolla is now a very ugly car … I hadn't looked at the new models in years.

I know looks aren't everything but I couldn't stand looking at this atrocious front end every day.

Aira says:

I am confused, so you cannot adjust the driver's seat forward and backwards?

Lostboy's Video Vault says:

Thanks for this video. Very helpful in my deciion making.

bananas says:

good review, I don't like the look of Mazda 3, it doesn't know what it wants to be however I'll probably buy one lol

amy fong says:

I have been reading reviews about Mazda noise for a while. I thought the Mazda cabin/engine was fairly quiet. Who are making these Noisy Mazda comments, dogs?

James Brosius says:

I'm pretty sure 0-60 doesn't mean anything at all between mile lights in a city or a quarter mile stretch. I'm pretty sure straightline speed isn't that important. I have a 2014 3 I GT hatch and literally I'm the only one in the car really. This thing is perfect for me and honestly the quality in the 3 with the piano black and leather everywhere is great over all the other entries. In 2014 this was leading. Think of the car when it started. Not what it is now. This thing is still one of the best cars to drive on back roads. It really is a drivers car. In Michigan I don't see as many new ones, so I feel somewhat special driving the current gen around, especially the hatch. Yeah the mid level below the S Touring is probably the best option. The 2 Liter is still pretty great to drive. I had my mother's 2006 Ford escape with the v6 in it and honestly both have almost the same steering response and handling. It's tight and fun. Almost to the point where it's deadly. Lol anyways that's my input.

MrPicky400 says:

6.4 to 60 for elantra and 6.6 for civic 1.5 turbo is wrong figures. Try 7.3 for elantra and7.5 for civic. And the mazda 3 finish the motortrend figure 8 faster than civic and elantra which means better handling

Jess Barnett says:

I have a 2018 Mazda 3 GT with the tech package. I love it, I almost feel I don't deserve this car because it's so nice! Overall, I give my car an A. It's a joy to drive. I would recommend it to anyone. The interior is on point! Also, I think if you shut the sunroof cover it can help with your road noise. Every time I see a reviewer complain about any car's road noise usually has the sunroof shade cover opened. Also, the road noise is on the same level as my prior car, a 2014 Honda Civic EXL with the 17 inch rims. If anything, I felt it was louder.

Angela R Bradford says:

Can anyone offer any explanations why I get slightly better gas mileage in my 3 than my Civic? Reports said otherwise, but that’s not been my experience

やまむらくろでぃ says:

I have skinny legs, so i guess backseat isn't much of a problem

Rabid Guinea Pig says:

Man do i wait for the 19 models which i hear arnt being released untill Janurary. Or get a 18 with all the discounts going on them. Wonder how much is being changed on the 2019 besides the engine

Chris Thomas says:


Matt Clark says:

Conceptually, the iLoop is every bit as much a mild hybrid as the new FCA system, it's just capacitor based. In practice it's more of an auto start stop system that can help with the initial shove. A very mild hybrid?

theodorekell says:

With all said and numbers calculated, once you drive it, somehow, no other car is that good for driving. Mazda3 you can push. The harder you push the better it stays on the road. Alex gone nuts – what Corolla? 1.8L corolla – the cow on wheels?

cowboybuddhaful says:

Great video, most thorough review out there for Car Reviews. Thanks!

Cypher NX says:

Why cars nowadays are so small. I'd trade more room for sport look.

kristian A says:

so glad i purchased this car.

Silent Refusal says:

Also, no mention of 2018 Subaru Impreza especially that hatch in my opinion is easily the sweetest deal in this segment if you are not too much into speeding your vehicle

Silent Refusal says:

They wasted that space between front tires and front seat really badly. Definitely could have been better utilized.

Sandy says:

Bought a 2017 mica blue 2.5L 6spd manual touring HB. Wish they put the automatics dashboard in the manual. Have no idea why they didn't do the big center tach in the manual. The manual's dashboard is all wrong. However, I bought winter wheels and Firestone Indy 500 tires for the summer. Now this car handles a brakes like a real hot hatch. I do like the fact it's got very decent response w/o forced induction. For the $19.125K I paid, there's nothing else I can think of that's better. This is my 3rd '3.' This one feels much more like a entry level Audi.

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