2018 Maserati Quattroporte GTS – Major Overhaul Needed

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With a name like #Maserati, most would assume that seeing a person behind the wheel of one meant you bought something that was loud, fast, and just very different from the stale German offerings in the large luxury sedan segment. Unfortunately for Maserati, the #Quattroporte is one of those rare cars that is in desperate need of a full makeover. From its lackluster interior, awful ergonomics, somewhat noisy cabin, and dated design… It makes an otherwise nice looking car tough to recommend especially when you consider its over $100,000 starting price. Thankfully, an all-new version is on the way and we’d warn you to wait for the next generation model before taking one home.


Zerg Cerebrates says:

This car looks sexy. I’ll get this over the Benz or the bmw.

Vin Dicen says:


Simon Quach says:

I can't believe Maserati's been around 100+ years & still can't get it right.


i had a SQ4 version of this car,beside it looks good,sounds good. It is piece of shit


This car is too far from ferrari,too close to chrysler

BoxingWave says:

I can’t believe that gear shift squeaks like that smh. Good looking car but it looks and feels cheap. Too bad

Dima K says:

Same blinker sounds as the Dodge Charger. I bet it also has the same buttons behind the steering wheel.

Patrick Patel says:

If Maserati did what it was supposed to do I would own the Levante and the ghibli nerissimo but since it wants to sell repackaged under developed
Chrysler’s I’ll stick to Lexus

Steve V. says:

That entire driver’s door side switch pod is identical to my 2011 VW Routan. Way to go Maserati a la FCA.

ALFJAMXA James says:

Looks cool but like most Maseratis it's out dated and sales off the Maserati name. Why do they do this over and over and over? Because they know they can get away with it and they don't have to do any better. RWD only in 2018 is unforgivable and just plan LAME.

Vintage and Antique Automobiles says:

Perfect used car in 10 years permitting you can afford to keep it in the road

Evin Jacobs says:

The Ghibli sucks but I dont think this one does

Manzar Seyum says:

Well. Ok ok wait…. let get me this pile of shit straight.


So that means it is a abomination made out of unreliable sperms and ovum…


Tj Brown says:

If you like wasting money, buy a Maserati.

John Lukach says:

No massage seats for that much money? No heated or cooled cup holder? The last quattroporte had that. This reminds me of the cadillac dts compared to DTS. Older model has more goodies then the newer model NEVER a good thing

streetsweeper49 says:

I have a 14, amazing engine fuck everything else 😉

Sebastian Budimirovik says:

very Trippical dude , cepaj

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