2018 Lotus Evora GT430 review: Evocative Evora!

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The Evora is the flagship model from British carmaker Lotus, and one of the newest evolutions is called the GT430.

The GT430 is the most powerful iteration of the Evora yet, and clearly the most track-focused version ever built, given it makes up to 250kg of downforce thanks to a massive carbon-fibre rear wing that would look more at home on a Le Mans racer than a street-legal road car. (And now there’s the GT430 Sport, too…)

With a top speed of 315km/h and able to go from 0-100km/h in 3.8 seconds via a six-speed manual transmission (exclusively) it’s also the fastest Evora ever, which is why we’ve come to Phillip Island raceway to try it out.

Best of all, it’s light – as we’ve come to expect from Lotus – at just under 1300kg or nearly 200kg less than a Golf R. And just like the hardcore Porsches like the GT3 RS, the Lotus wears Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres – nice and fat on the rear, too, at 295/30 – so this is going to be fun.

Except, there’s rain coming – oh s…


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Chris Williams says:

I hope they haven´t put A TON of carbon fibre on it !

bob vu says:

Weight savings? Then why not use carbon ceramic brakes?

AKgaming786 says:

so…..this isnt a camry engine??

The Real Fake News Feed by Studley The Clown says:

Seriously, the looks of this vehicle is mundane and boring if compared to the Exige 430. The mirrors, scoops, color contrasts, amenities, and lines of the Exige are just supercar level. Why not utilize the body of the Exige and drop the Evora looks? Sales would most assuredly expound expectations.

X infected_knight says:

I saw this exact car (same plates) at a driveway I attended, I must say it looks amazing.

Timothy Lo says:

I don't like the rear wing. Evora 400 is more good looking.

Rittawat Onin says:

1300kg is not light, a small mazda suv weight the same

S2K Racing says:

No AT right?

Isaac Rogers says:

Half the price of the GT3 RS? Evora 430 112500gbp, GT3 RS 147000gbp

Andrew Rabbitt says:

It's a Lotus, not a Triumph…

Jaxx Brat says:

Too bad its ugly

Neftali Alvarez says:

Just buy an exige… It's a better track car in every way possible. Not street legal in the US? Meh do it anyways.

Alex Rudaj says:

sexiest exotic ever, definitely eye catcher

bieight8 says:

Any lotus over a ton is not a proper lotus!

Adam Graham says:

will it come to the USA?

Spencer Matthews says:

10/10 would daily drive!

earthstick says:

They have got the exterior design just about spot on now. Front is aggressive enough and they have lost the overly angular features and fugly looking rear from the 400.

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