2018 Lotus Evora 410 Sport – One Take

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The Lotus Evora 410 Sport is a spectacularly well-rounded sports car. featuring truly analog feel with modern luxury, and lightweight construction and the accompanying dynamics, without sacrifice. It makes 410 horsepower from its supercharged Toyota 3.5L V6, which it puts through a crisp 6-speed manual shifter and limited-slip differential. There are no fancy adjustable shocks, or computerized gearboxes, or even power seats, and yet the Lotus is not only engaging on every level as a sports car, but also easy to live with in the city every day.

Lotus Cars, USA, provided the vehicle and insurance for this review.


nosirrahx says:

The only difference I have noticed between the MPSS and 4S is colder wet roads. The 4S is a better daily tire and equal sport tire.

Youtube Youtube says:

Everything is beautifull except this road.

Rider Mark says:

This car has erything I wish for in a sportscar… Omg one day I'll be the owner of one. please God, help me

vincent fong says:

I owned a lotus many years and be Frank, it was terrible. Poorly made, badly engineered, with many design and quality issues. Their new exterior is not good compared to the competition. I hope they will replace their entire Design team to start with a clean slate.

lol says:

It handles like it's on a rail

Sun Hester says:

This is a great car. When you add up the entire package and service experience, the cost is hard to swallow. But I'm not a rich guy that can take massive losses on a car purchase. This is where the P car really has a heads up, resale numbers. I'll track down a lightly used Evora someday however. Thanks for the review.

Kamal Q says:

Lotus in general is underrated

محمد الحربي says:

good v good

Aria Newell-Sowash says:

Seeing the basic interior of this car, the amount of refinement the interior has received, the amazing exterior, and the fact that it has a Toyota Camry engine, just makes me absolutely giddy!

starbase five says:


starbase five says:


Foxy says:

Would it hard to get it repaired since it's a Europen car that you don't see often?

No says:

That engine actually comes out of the Avalon.. It's optional on the camry 🙂


how does this car only make 410 hp?

Peter Lehmkuhl says:

I think Matt is in love


Yay still toyota powered

James Waugh says:

Great car terrible review

youAbajajTube says:

Seems like an MX-5, except you'll pay 5 times the price, and drive it at 2/10ths on the street.

News that matter says:

I wonder why Toyota doesn't make thier own v6 supercharged 2door sport cars. I'm pretty sure someone in Toyota must've heard about this Evora and realized the potential in the v6 supercharged.

Three Element says:

es unos de mi favorito en Asphalt 8 si se conduce a la perfeccion alguna vez doblo mucho

xgelmirx says:

And still that sucky, outdated infotainment system. I'd just ditch it if I could buy this car, useless anyway with a sound like that!

Gingerscantbepirates says:

Not the best I've ever heard, but sounds damn good

Gingerscantbepirates says:

Man, that thing sounds fucking good

wikichris says:

Looks like it needs some John player special decals on it.

Mark F says:

Why don't they race it in WEC or INSA. no one will buy it if they don't advertise it.

Senshi Bat says:

so it would take a fiat 124s lunch money good ;3

Brian Anderson says:

holy fak what a machine

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