2018 LADA XRAY CROSS 1.8L 122HP. Start Up, Engine, and In Depth Tour.

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2018 LADA XRAY CROSS 1.8L 122HP. Start Up, Engine, and In Depth Tour.
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RandomKDMFanboi says:

2:40 meep meep

Cauê R047 MsL. says:

Humilhou o prórpio Duster

Levin Soh says:

Excellent Car. Greetings from Singapore.

Luis Ricardo Bazurto Pico says:

horrible el sonido del motor , y ni se diga de las emisiones , un desastre


Sounds like it's slightly misfiring.

The ElectricHobo says:

Horrible noisy engine… Sounds like an old Talbot Horizon.

Cherkess says:

It looks hideous in real life

hobofactory says:

I absolutely would buy this car if it were available in the USA

Ahmet Gözükara says:

17:48 türkçe orada heyt beeeeee

Anthony G. says:

I like its ground clearance

чемперсон карден says:

Не заебался бабки на хуйне рубить?

Авигдор Шоломов says:

Аааахахаха говно

Роман Котиков says:

this is bull shit!!

Client 09 says:

maybe i buy this next for my duster

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