2018 Infiniti Q50 – Review & Road Test

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The Infiniti Q50 is a a compact luxury sedan that has tough competition in the Audi A4, Lexus IS, Mercedes C-Class or the BMW 3 Series. Those names are all heavy hitters and names you might think of first when dipping your toe into the purchasing pool. But Infiniti’s got some reasons to make you give them a hard look, and Micah Muzio is happy to share them with you.

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MELO JR says:

Performance is okay not what I thought issues with the computer light always on the dashboard sensors no good , I thought I was better off buying a Camry i give it a 6 out of 10 😞

Corey Cameron says:

So the VQ 3.7 engine is not available no more?

Saiayin Coby says:

Mazda 6 < Infinity

Tricksta213LA G says:

Hey, I have one of those. Lmfao.

Trevor Seines says:

Infiniti is best bang for the buck. What is this guy 5’2”? The footrest is essential. BMWs are too expensive to maintain PROPERLY, Lexus is predictably boring.

Moss 590A1 says:

Was this fool trying to insert his smart phone into the CD player?

Chris Wright says:

I test drove the 3Series, A4, and Q50. The Q50, for what you pay, is superior in my opinion.

Such_a_Gentle Man says:

I don’t know why they reviewed the Red Sport , the lower trims should’ve been reviewed being that it’s what most people get or can afford.

ArT oF wAr says:

One more thing, the q50 cost lesser to own than the German competitors.

jarfors says:

Wait.. you don’t have to press the button to get in the car. You just have to press to lock

Alysia Santos says:

I like my 18 q50, besides the infotainment system which I'm replacing for one with Apple play. The 3.0 twin turbo makes it awesome to drive

Omc 559 says:

All around great car would consider buying

Abir Chaudhuri says:

Honestly, all of the sedans mentioned in this comparison fall to the Afla Romeo Giulia. It is the most beautiful, fun and human car in the world.

J s says:

I bought the 2015 and it’s great. The 3.7 is rock solid and it can go 0-60 in under 5.5 while getting 25+ hwy mpg.

JohnInNH says:

I ordered my 2018 AWD Red Sport without DAS. Soooo glad I did not get it. I've driven both extensively and prefer the standard power steering by a long shot. To bad I could not get adaptive cruise control without getting DAS. But would rather have no adaptive cruise control and no DAS… With lighter rims and Z1 two piece brake rotors I saved 78 lbs of unsprung rotational mass. Then add a full Fast Intentions exhaust system and the Q50RS is a real go fast car. That's with the stock tune. Better MPG and a real handful of added power. The ..OEM exhaust is garbage.

AlienTacoBar says:

this guy is actually kinda funny lol

Dante P says:

These are $20k used. Not bad

Monrowe Toussaint says:

Infiniti is a brand that I support wholeheartedly because of many prudent reasons, but this specific unit (Q50 Red Sport 400) is not truly a compact sedan but it is a midsize sedan. If you carefully look at the interior and exterior diameters of this specific unit you will see that it does not qualify to be considered a compact sedan.

Storm Sudaria says:

Still no CarPlay.

Jay V says:

I like my Q50. Good balance of sportiness and luxury. Not to mention that it does stand out as different in style in comparison to all the 3 series and C Class cars out there. But I do agree on the infotainment system and the the lack of android auto or apple car play and the navigation needs a heavy update.

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