2018 Hyundai Sonata Limited – Redline: Review

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Living in the shadows of a competitor is never easy, as all-new versions of the Camry and Accord hit the market, where does that leave Hyundai’s strong valued Sonata? For 2018, Hyundai has freshened the exterior styling, added new features, and a new transmission on 2.0T models. However, something still seems lost from the previous generation, and the latest Sonata is no longer the style or value leader in the segment, it does still offer a strong warranty, high build quality, and easy driving dynamics all at a lower price versus its latest Japanese rivals.


Duality Of Man says:

Slow car & poor gas mileage. Sport mode steering is too heavy. Noisy GDI engine & bad quality control.

james coladilla says:

Engine sounds worst like something is loose

Sam Omar says:

Interior = awesome. exterior = looks cheap and boring. I get that Hyundai wants it to relate to it's Genesis G80 front smooth design. Doesn't work here for Sonata.

Wat Clayton says:

I just got this car today and it's the best! To God be the glory !

Robert Brandywine says:

If this is the same 2.4 Liter engine in the Santa Fe Sport, then yeah, it is unsatisfying to drive. There is almost no acceleration unless you put your foot into it.

Eric Jesse says:

I currently own a 2012 SE 2.4 liter sport with dual exhaust, sport wheels, and spoiler lid. I think it looks nicer than the more recent versions. I’ve been disappointed with the new Sonatas playing it safe with designs like the Camry has for years. Now Genesises look amazing! That new G70 might possibly be my next car.

Bobby Dukes says:

What a pile of Garbage. Should be given out free for the homeless.


HYUNDAI'S / KIA engine noise is from there INNOVATIVE GDI CONCEPT. Yes its noisy and kinda frustrating

Little Dew says:

I was about to get the 2018 Hyundai Sonata Limited but instead sticking with the 2015 Hyundai Sonata Limited. The "refreshed" look looks more like a Ford Fusion. Just my opinion!

Mk Ss says:

Ugly design 🤢

Esocrateez says:

Naturally aspirated & a traditional automatic, it should be reliable if you buy your cars for the long haul. Unfortunately, it is direct injected, but I can only think of 2 engines in 2018 that arent. At least the engine bay is spacious and easy to work in, unlike the Accord's turbocharged 1.5 with CVT (disaster).

I'd likely buy this over its competitors and get a deeper discount while doing it!

alexander wei says:

Is anyone else annoyed by him when he says “but” after saying something nice about the car but continues with the praising instead of a critic?

Rid Exe says:

is Hyundai really the shitty car that people say that it is, thats why we’re here to find out.

Dropdown710 Dropdown710 says:

in my 2.4 2015 Sonata Limited is much nicer than the 2018. Also the power mode is a big deal with these cars, raising the rpms' and that makes it respond much faster and a must (at least for me) if I am on the expressway or need to drive more aggressively, because with only 185hp at the crank, this car is putting down 150hp or so to the pavement…..I had a 2011 Sonata before the 2015 and here is my comparison the 2011 Sonata beats the 2015 in these options: 18in rims, 200hp, and its acceleration was faster and quicker car all around, also came with spare 18in rim in trunk dual exhaust and paddle shifters. The 2015 Sonata Limited w/ Technology : Looks better all the way around, aggressive front end, LED headlights/fog lights that look really nice, has a backup camera, dual exhaust, chrome runners, heated steering wheel, heated and cooled seats, panoramic roof (the sonata I ended up getting we did not notice that it had the panoramic roof because I nor the salesman knew because it was closed and looked like a regular car without sunroof and I had never been in a car with panoramic roof (while I'm thinking about it after we had purchased the Sonata I was looking at their fleet of Sonatas at least 100…..and not one of them was a Limited w/ Technology which are the only ones that come with panoramic roof….so I at this point knew they didn't know what they had, after I purchased it I showed them that panoramic roof and let em know it was Limited w/ Tech , they weren't happy I could tell because they lost out on that $$$ by not being enlightened haha), the back seats have privacy pull up mesh that allows you to look out but nobody can see you from outside esp with the tinted windows, touch screen navigation, upgraded infinity sound system, leather seats, dual climate control, two backseat vents, pushbutton start, if keys are in your pocket the trunk will beep 3 times before it automatically opens giving you time to avoid it opening, driver and passenger push button unlock on door handles, lower to ground, better handling, better interior all around, blinkers on side mirrors, warning senors for changing lanes if a vehicle is there……digital display shows tire pressure, digital tach, direction, mpg, and more that you can toggle through…..just wish it had 200hp still and the 18in rims……but the 17s look just fine.

RickTorn says:

This dude should stick to reviewing race cars. He should critique vehicles against their PURPOSE. Criticizing a reasonably priced, super value basic sedan because it doesn't have blinding acceleration or a growling exhaust note is ridiculous.

Alexander Castillo says:

The Sonata generation before looks a lot better honestly.

Miguel Angel Medina Rise says:

Might as well just get a Camry.

Michael Cline says:

It's a lower price up front…but you end up losing that discount when you pay to clean the carbon deposits from direct injection.

Just_a_youtuber1991 says:

I am 6’3 over 300 pounds & this car is COMFORTABLE! Gives me ALL of the options I want in a new car: BSM, Navigation, H/C seats, push button start, & a premium sound system. In my driving position, I fit behind me PERFECTLY which is a big deal for when I have people in my car. For the price they are, it’s a great car IMHO. Idk why everyone is dragging on how it lacks whatever.

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