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Edmunds Senior Writer Mark Takahashi somehow landed a trip to Hawaii to drive the latest entrant in the subcompact crossover SUV class: the 2018 Hyundai Kona. He’s not a big fan of the exterior styling but considers the Kona one of the best-driving vehicles in the class. Add in plentiful features, an accessible price and Hyundai’s industry-leading warranty coverage, and the Kona becomes a strong value contender.

Q: How much does the 2018 Hyundai Kona cost?
A: The base SE trim starts at $20,450, including destination fees. The fully loaded Ultimate trim will set you back almost $30,000.

Q: What engines are available in the 2018 Hyundai Kona?
A: The base engine is a 147-horsepower 2.0-liter four-cylinder. The top two trims receive a 175-hp turbocharged 1.6-liter, which is our pick for the Kona.

Q: Which trim should I get?
A: The 2018 Hyundai Kona’s Limited trim costs about $25,000 and gets the better 1.6-liter turbocharged engine. It also offers a good mix of features for the price.

Q: What does the 2018 Hyundai Kona compete against?
A: The main competitors in the class are the Honda HR-V, the Mazda CX-3 and the Toyota C-HR.

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Booboobear2388 says:

A few years ago Hyundai had a pretty bad reputation but I have heard it has greatly improved.  I would think a writer from Edmunds would have covered the reliability issue. Instead he was all wrapped up in the car's styling.

Samm B. says:

I loved this vlog as it's helping me make up my mind on getting a 2018-2019 Hyundai Kona. I am currently driving a 2017 Ford Focus ST, but my husband is 6'3" in height and he's having a hard time getting in and out of my current vehicle. I believe the Kona is a lot taller and he can get into it just fine. I can't wait to test drive one and have my husband come along to test drive as well. Thank you for the vlog and review as it has helped me make my car buying a lot easier.

Aurélien Vénus says:

Kona 😍❤

Clarence White says:

the hyundai kona is different from any other car out there. Comfort level is o.k and the HANDLING is SPORTY. Controls are where they should be and the RADIO to operate is SIMPLISTIC. The DIFFERENTIAL can be LOCKED for FULL TIME 4WD if needed. Fuel economy is o.k BUT,COULD BE BETTER.FUEL TANK IS 13.2 GALLONS which DOES NOT COST A LOT TO FILL. REAR SEAT ROOM comes up SHORT but, FRONT SEAT can BE ADJUSTED besides I AM NOT DRIVING IN THE BACK SEAT. As PRACTICALLY AND STYLE GOES FOR ME THE KONA IS IT. Do I LOVE MY BLACK KONA LIMITED? U BETCHA.

That Guy says:

Excellent review.

BBD Design says:

My god this guy is so negative plus dressed like a senior citizen.

John C says:

I bought a 2018 on $1000 off Labor Day sale in the limited trim level, 1.6 turbo, AWD, 18 inch wheels etc. I got the grey color which is less obtrusive and makes it look almost normal, at least to me. It has perky acceleration, handles well, and has a good ride quality. It's a very likable car with a lot of character.

Shorne Pubique says:

Ken Jeong. Doctor – Actor – Car Reviewer.

Corlie. Borlie says:

Big than car and small tucson.

Corlie. Borlie says:

I saw already in hyudai showroom, i love it.

erina nakiri says:


Denis DeFrancesco says:

No manual w that hp?? No go

Austin Correia says:

Honesty really want one! Great review Mark🤘🤘

mac daddy says:

This is one ugly car. Get a Subaru and call it a day.

Ronald P says:

Sitting higher is a selling point for many.

ronch550 says:

Can it run over molten lava?

ronch550 says:

I never fell for it when I saw photos of it but today I saw it in the flesh (or in the metal, rather) today at a Hyundai dealership, and I must say, I think it's a nice, modern looking car that doesn't look stupid like so many sci-fi-esque cars on the road today. Kinda reminds me of Unreal Tournament or something like that. I like it.

Laryea Ania says:

i love this SUV, very simple from it looks especially the frontage how the lights are arranged

Gerry Bernardo says:

Accordung to
Eduardo Manalo

paki sabi sa manager ng bangko
Kapag binigyan mo yan… Papatay Kita"""
July 17 2018
4:58 Wed

Jed Taneo says:

Nice car but Suzuki Jimny 2018 is more attractive to me.

dudadeda1234 says:

Ouuuu dang it. I get it… Hyundai did it again…

S. D. H. says:

Not my cup of tea really, but still a lot better looking than the Toyota C-HR.

Miss Viking says:

Great review!!!!! Subscribed !!!!!

Christian Neric says:

Better to have expander or rush

davkarshobby2468 says:

I like the exterior. It looks stronger, less plasticy and more capable than its competition. Looks like it would cost more than it does.

Martin Riggs says:

This guy has such a relaxing voice.

KimSuBok says:

Wow! A hatchback styled to look like an SUV! I guess the marketing boys have decided that this will sell better if it's disguised as a Sport Utility Vehicle. Some people will probably fall for it. But it's still a hatchback.

Ryan Is Okay says:

5:16 Todd howard is that you?

eighthof8 says:

I got the SUV that Hyundai copied; the Mazda CX5.

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