2018 Ford Mondeo Review – better than a Volkswagen Passat? | What Car?

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The Ford Mondeo is spacious and good to drive; but is it better value for money than premium-badged rivals such as the Skoda Superb or Volkswagen Passat?

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Keith Isaacs says:

The Ford Mondeo will sell well as a company car but it looks like a mass produced car with cheap looking interiors it's lacking the quality of the vw group as Rebecca constantly said in her very good review

Reverend George says:

7:15 – That is not the way to pronounce Titanium! It is named after Titan, not after Tie! It is not Tie-tanium! The ending 'ium' denotes that it is a non-ferrous metal, so even the more common pronunciation of tit-anium is wrong, the correct pronunciation is Titan-ium. I get hours of pleasure pointing this out at Ford dealerships. I am a qualified Metallurgist, which is why it irritates me so.

Michael Mavris says:

Really good review and pleasantly surprised,I initially thought "here we go,another box ticked by having a female reviewing a car" very concise and to the point review and not just waffling on. Well done What Car! Keep up the good work! 😎👍

Simmy Simmy says:

nice looking car , but id buy the skoda and have piece of mind knowing it will do over 300k no problems where the mondeo will be scrapped buy that time . The colour is Ruby Red pearlescent, i had it on my Mk2 cortina .

Robert Kester says:

All the plastic around the touchscreen looks cheap and scratchy

Rui Santinha says:

Gorgeous looking woman! Car is alright 😉

Eric George says:

Great car, and excellent value for money. I would have one over any of its rivals.

Darryl daniel george Bish says:

I got Ford mondeo titanium 2010

Jarrad Ghent says:

"There's a hybrid but the combination doesn't really work that well" Does it ever?

Stephen Flood says:

Can't see probably out of windscreen and rear windows,surely that's not good👎

Christine Copus says:

Love mondo ,l have one,but it should be fall ev motor

Naughty internet person says:

Fugly dashboard

Tom Jardine says:

I hear that ford might discontinue the mondeo?

Urahara12squad says:

Wow i've noticed exactly the same after testing with the steering wheel, plastic interior, clunky screen and low visability.
I can not forget seeing through the heated screen.

Andrew Meadows says:

Oi have a banana

Elifas Moses says:

I’ve only seen one of these in my country so far…which is weird.

Kenneth Njoroge says:

It looks like the ford fusion 2016 model

Vico Mc Din says:

Cheaper and way more reliable than a passat .

Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwemubwem Ossas says:

I prefer the metal grille on the 2016 version

Tomcatter31 says:

What makes you say the hybrid doesn't work that well? I have a Fusion hybrid and get 44 mpg and it drives just fine. So wondering what it is that makes you say otherwise.

Ian Purcell says:

The mondeo was never a good car.i looked at one before buying a passat and you only need to sit in the mondeo for a few seconds to get the feeling of the cheapness of it.i bought the passat in the end and its a far better car than even toyotas which ive had before.only normal wear and tear but that said due to the emmissions scandal and the testing on monkeys as well as humans i will never buy any car from the vag group again.the entire vag group is rotten to the core.

Posh panda says:

Bad headroom and she is 160cm?😵🤔

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