2018 Dacia Duster first drive review

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The Dacia Duster has always been a hit with buyers thanks to its mix of rugged off-roader style at a bargain-basement price. The new version aims to provide the same, but with fewer compromises in areas like quality and comfort. We’d say it has that brief nailed.

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rabit818 says:

Some people just need a basic transport. No soft plastics on the dash (how many touched it since it left the dealer?) or felt lined door bin. Here in the US, a Ford Harley Davidson edition pick up costs $125,000.00. Yes there are cheaper models, it is still expensive for contractor.

N0t45al3 says:

The duster is hands down the best budget suv on the planet. Ive driven the new one and also the 2017 model. Drove 4×2 models on mountains, narrows passes, hills pretty much everywhere, it always felt like a 4×4 although it was a 4×2 model. Can imagine the 4×4 model. Top stuff… i even driven it in off roads in Italy spain… amazed and amazed my fellow passengers. Top car well done dacia.

Toka Yeptho says:

i want to buy but no money…😢😢😢

Mark A says:

Had my duster 5 years & 50,000 miles & apart from a service every year i have not had to spend a penny on it. Great cheap car leaves me more to spend on motorcycles. 4WD is great as the worst snow in the UK has never stopped it yet. Hope to get another 10 years out of it…thats value for money. Cheers.

Lineage2Ertheia says:

I see dacia I downvote.

Nik'S swaG says:

Superb car…

John Doe says:

I for one liked the butchier styling of the past gen.

adrian burt says:

Dacia seems to be doing a Skoda. Back in the 80s they were the sick joke of the car world, look at them now. Lets just hope that Dacia dont lose sight of the value for money aspect, as Skoda has. How much is a Kodiak compared to the Duster!

George Boy says:

You could buy more than 10 dusters or 1 Range Rover… I’ll stick with my rangey thanks

Charles Macgilchrist says:

Between 1:51 and 3:20 he could have been describing a rolls-royce silver-shadow. Bar the 115hp 1.6 – the power to weight ratio is actually better!

Pete Davis says:

Go to France and you see loads of these, they can’t be bad at all

Rirozaj says:

1.6 petrol 4×4 nice ride, great fuel economy – 6.5l/100km out of town. What's more to wish?

paul gilson says:

Just got a new Sandero and have been really impressed, will definitely look at a Duster in future.

vanator de munte says:


roll1968 says:

Nice car but disappointing that the only petrol engine available at UK launch is the dated 1.6 Sce. Best to hold on until 2019 when Renault/Dacia should be offering their new 1.3 TCe petrol engine as an option.

Spamfitters says:

Ok car, but no good for towing anything

MrWebPleb says:

I was looking very forward to getting one of these, however it sadly has no automatic transmission model available 🙁
I find that rather strange, as the previous model has it. Why no automatic version in the newer model?

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