2018 Chrysler 300s Review | Mopar Stage 1 Hemi

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Tyler Snider says:

What a sweet ride. Very cool. The person who gave the thumbs down is a hater 🤣

tufkid91 says:

300c are always good looking but the 5.7 hemi specs are disappointing in these cars.

Brad Hoffman says:

Nice car. I am looking at the 2019 300 S. I am wanting to add the supercharger by whipple. Do you know anyone with a setup like that? If so tell me how you or how they like it. Again nice car.

Luis Escobar says:

Yeah sucks that usa gets no more srt

Mitch Hightower says:

Still gotta add them tints to a black car

Clifton Stringer says:

take it to henneessey boost to 650hp around 9 to12 you will be up on the comp // benz audi bmw

EpicGamingLogic says:

Ewww clear windows where's the privacy mate

Nicole Davis says:

Did you have to put a camber kit?

eromusofwom says:

I also have the scat pack stage 1 for my 300. Gain is about 20hp 20 tq. Changes throttle response and shift times though so it feels like more. Mine is white. I like the black.

Baird's Bikes Videos says:

Why would anyone get a Mercedes when these Chrysler 300s are so much better looking? Awesome car!

915JOKKER says:

How come the seats are white??? I thought it only clmes with blue and black, nice rims bro what brand and size

Live Jones says:

Perfect looking 300… great job.

Edgardo Santiago Jr says:

I like the New Testament Bible in ur compartment.👍🏻👍🏻

me says:

What's the "stage 1" name? Is there stage 2 and etc

me says:

From the side it looks like a skyline at the front and a Benz

DevoMartin says:

The Chrysler logo courtesy light did you get that from the dealership?

KnFlicT says:

Really exposed wheels
get some 22"-24" chromes with many spokes hide them brakes

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