2018 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Review (The ALMOST PERFECT Car)

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My review of the 2018 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 coming from a Hellcat owner who also owned an SS 1LE Camaro!

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Kfx Guy says:

Did you really say a hellcat is a better daily driver? Lol. Ok.

Robert Olsen says:

The one downside in that car is the exhaust it could sound way better with it a better exhaust

Shishabar Kanake says:

Car costs 66k $ in Us, while it costs more than 100k € in europe

Danny Smith says:

I'm not a big camaro fan …..but that front end looks so good!!

Cannisour Entrepreneur says:

is that a charger front end and a mustang dash swap?..

Akeda says:

The body looks really nice, seen one recently and almost thought it was a Corvette but sadly the inside is still messy/ugly.

The exhaust kinda bothers me too .. it has that 'look at me! I need to compensate for something!!' sound to it.

Kenny Shi says:

damn, that a nice looking and beast car!

unpossible11 says:

How do you go from this to the New 2019 Camaro. SMH. This is so nice and aggressive.

steve sink says:

FUN! I have a 16 SS. His enthusiasm makes me want to upgrade!

Bill Q says:

Keep rolling the note bro 🙂

Bill Q says:

So your dodge Hell Kitty blew up couldn't handle for shiz nit. And your back to Chevy. You could have saved a lot of money have the handling of the 1 le Camaro. Then also have a faster car then both the Zl1 and Hell Kitty. By just procharging it ? Yeah you get my point. Thanks

Joseph Rosas says:

I take it that this one doesn't have the track performance package right?

Angel Luna says:

blah, blah, blah! drive it like you stole it!!!!

Len G. says:

Wow. Nice just not like red sear belts or price

jeff mollasgo says:

What are so many cars regulated and limit companies to their full potential? But will let companies like Chevy and others just with no limit?

Julie Aranzado says:

I love it 😍

Jorge Padua says:

My proudest wank.

Dave Godkin says:

Huge Camaro fan here from New Zealand. I fell in love with them as a child, my grandfather was a car collector, owning many rare and classic European and American cars, but he loved Chevrolet, he had a Chevy model for every year from 1918 up-to the 70'S including many muscle cars, but his favorite and also his day to day car was an 67" SS Camaro! Granddad sold it in the late 80'S but he always regretted it, as did I. So he bought an 84" Z28 Camaro, not as classic a model but not a bad car none the less! after his death and as his collection was slowly sold off, I was lucky enough to take possession of the Z28. unfortunately it never compared to the 67" SS but oh well it's still a Camaro! Oh FYI my second favorite car was his 58 Corvette! The new era of Camaro and Corvette is stunning, they just keep getting better and better!

Z_bLzr_1 Phionx says:

One of your best reviews.

xmJamKillerXMJ - RazErTheNo.0BlacklistRival says:

2018 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 vs 2018 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 vs Dodge Demon
who would win?

Nathan Wilson says:

How much to lease this car?

Albert Viscione - 2QSBAAA says:

American muscle is back and on the rise. Foreign V8's are dropping off replaced with 6 cyl turbos, they can keep them. My first new car was a 79 Z28, good to see Chevrolet making a come back.

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