2018 Cadillac ATS-V – The Under Appreciated Super Sedan?

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When the #Cadillac #ATS first showed up 5 years ago, it had the makings of a proper BMW fighting sport sedan. Lightweight, excellent steering, a nimble and stiff chassis, and strong engines. As a result, the high performance #ATS-V showed up 2 years ago to challenge the best from Europe with a twin-turbo 464 HP V6 under the hood and available 6-speed manual transmission. Despite its strong performance and handling, sales never really took off and with a replacement just around the corner, how does the last year of the ATS-V stack up?


Live Music says:

I never cared for imports or even Cadillacs for that matter…
Then I saw 1998 Eldorado and Seville thought look sharp, I finally bought and Seville STS a really fun car.Equipped with sport package faster you go the steering becomes stiffer, the ride is excellent, is very smooth driving car with reserve power. The stabliatrack magnaride suspension, can feel the rear brake apply on sharp highway speeds, I cant wait to get newer V car..
Jaguar came out with XKR S looks cool
Bentley the Continental Gt
BMW M3 and M6 and the 7 series
Aston Martin Vantage
Before these cars made their debut was muscle car only Race Faords, Hemi mopars, SS or special edition Chevys, is it age or these cars actually have style ?
When I see 2012 on up CTS V actually desire one, Motorweek road tested an ATS V even though V-6 still on my list to collect.

Romero says:

Looks so great 😀

Sharjeel Khan says:

Why these reviews done by gays ?🙄🤔🤭

MERICA #1 says:

Looks like a car a wealthy gay guy drives

Vic DubC says:

way to ruin the ats models cadillac. its all over for the sedan. its been neutered .

Omer Heidenfeld says:

It doesn’t have the same engine as the CT’s v the CT’s v has a turbocharged corvette v8

M L says:

I just bought one used. 2018 sedan. 1yr old w/only 1600 miles. Was a GM executive vehicle. $71k msrp for $47,200! Its an awesome automobile!

Flaming Fi’yah says:

Me!! six speed manual plz…gata have one ☝️

kao the numberblocks fan 2019 says:

Exterior: 5/10
Interior: 5/10
Quality: 5/10
Practically: 5/10
Performance: 7/10
Value: 4/10
Overall: 31/60

Eric Watler says:

This guy is very disrespectful towards Caddy’s

bassistdc says:

That car's platform is not based on the Camaro's. It's the other way around.

Trades46 says:

Great driving performance & huge fun, but a cheap interior, poor fitment & lackluster luxury amenities.

In short, get a higher end Camaro or Corvette.

David Mitchel says:

Not very accurate…

Julian Contreras says:

i’ve seen some v’s being priced at 40k, lowest i saw was 38

Bargainteers says:

I would appreciate it if a BMW 3 Series wasn’t cheaper

Karl B says:

The more I look at reviews about the ATS-V, it really disappoints me of some of the comparison mentioned against it. Like, you mentioned the Lexus RC F v8 was a better engine. How? The RC F clocked a 0-60/5.1-really! I will take the ATS-V 0-60/3.7 (see head-2-head) all day and right now, you can find 2016/17 V's used around 45-51k and that's a steal.

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