2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Ti – Redline: Review

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As crossover sales continue to dominant in America, brands that were once known for only offering sport cars and sedans have begun to do the unthinkable. With Alfa Romeo now joining the SUV party, the newest Stelvio crossover takes everything we loved about the Giulia sedan and morphs it into the kind of vehicle that Americans like to buy. With very distinctive styling, a powerful turbocharged engine, and the handling to match the Alfa Romeo badge, the 2018 Stelvio is very much, the Alfa of the SUV segment.


Emanuele Favuzza says:

Great review I was going get GTI autobahn but stop by Alfa and bought it. $14k Off. But no available spare aftermarket or service department.

GD 02 says:

It's faster than a Buick grand national. Impressive.

Colin Smith says:

Nice review. What boots are you wearing?

Pokedex says:

Acura RDX is better

Dale Willis says:

This is like a Mazda but most of ever drove a new Mazda? This Alfa is for car enthusiast, where was Alfa from 2000 to 2007, working on this gents. Go buy a Kia

Paul Giulekas says:

This is a kick ass vehicle

AlfaEricWashDC says:

You’re in DC? Sweet…. https://clickmy.site/u/8JNf/Landover

joe ray says:

"I don't like the noise it makes when I drift outside my lane" , okay stay in your lane and problem solved.

Fly2kill1 says:

Not sure if you read these. I have an idea you can add to your reviews. Wind deflection on the sunroofs. I was surprised by my new VW. How it has one but it’s fabric.

GreenFreedom4life says:

Does this car have paddle shifters?

Sha Money says:

This car is a ugly girl I will not bag her up or ask her how much she cost they need to upgrade the inside and outside maybe I ask her for her number lol

ピーチャン says:

God his reviews are terrible

Damin Danger Escudero says:

Its free real-estate

Gal Ret says:

Great, informative review. Thank you. I didn't know you could remote turn turn off the car!

We've owned the 2017 Giulia TI AWD Lusso with the paddle shifters for over a year, and now we're getting the 2018 Stelvio. We like the look, handling, and performance of the vehicle; and so far, the Giulia has been reliable. The quirks take getting used to, but the reward of really good handling and good acceleration with a decent ride make it worthwhile. It's a good value too. Love the Germans, but they charge a bit much for options that lots of others include for little to no added cost!

hagakuru says:

When he did the remote start, that thing sounded just like a diesel.

modelleg says:

great review. Very well done.

Ares Mondragon says:

I like the Stelvio

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