2017 Volvo S90 T6 Review: Is This the Best Volvo Sedan Ever Built?

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Julian J says:

I cant complain about the engine in the S90 because in my country the S90 T6 inscription with the B&W sound system is 2k$ more than the base MERC E200 with 180 HP with zero options so its defo the S90 to buy

rorochido1 says:

song at 0:29 seconds?

iVlog says:

Nathan, you look like you belong in Amsterdam dressed like that. Nice review chaps!

Ozolz says:

nice copy of iDrive with that knob next to gear shifter

Zem45 says:

i hate the back. Its just ugly. Everything is fine its just the back looks like a saab LOL

Enzoenzo says:

The position of the key is indeed inspired by Saab. Saab used to do this because of their history in building fighter jets. It's to prevent leg injury when using the ejection seat in a jet and could also be helpful when you crash the car and your legs slide forward..

daAnder71 says:

Most of this car is really beautiful. But the wood panels in the interior look like they've been placed kind of randomly.

Dodek72 says:

Waiting for the V90 Polestar

Harrelle Thigpen says:

@4:43 "…and the WAY they have the switches arranged, and the WAY they have the dash arranged…" *and the WAY the piece of SHIT touchscreen doesn't respond to my finger swipes…Said absolutely nothing about that, though. So much for an honest review.

weshootikill says:

You can do the same hood movement with a lot of mercedes.

Martin de Urgoiti says:

Entertaining review. Thanks.

MrBasinator says:

Jagwaa XF

jpracingph says:

Was that tire noise when you guys were driving in it?

Julius Wolff says:

Shit shop police corner massive church unfortunately count credit.

palebeachbum says:

Damn, if only a $45k car was in my budget (I don't want all the bells and whistles). This is an absolutely gorgeous car. I'd especially like the wagon. Hard to get a wagon in the US anymore and they come in very useful with better fuel economy and handling than a comparably sized SUV/CUV. I think it's hilarious that Volvos got better once Ford sold them to a Chinese company. My only concern, ever since Volvo was sold off, is long-term reliability. I can't imagine any engine that's turbo and supercharged will have great longevity.

Mark Law says:

Great review guys. I have always liked Volvo's, and this is a really beautiful well resolved design. Like you Roman, I have owned a few Volvo's over the years, my favourite was a V70 T6…The seats were the best of Any Car….Even better than my S class.

Tom Kubik says:

Consumer reports hates its!!!? loud motor etc Im going ot buy Mazda 6 grand touring more fun to drive for half the price and more reliable!!

Rudi Claes says:

Volvi are boring.

Dudeson 666 says:

looks like an astra from back

Thoughmuchistaken says:

Everything looks great on this car but the backend. Those rear lights are…not good (awful, just terrible, How is the back that bad compared to the rest of the car!?! If I just bought it and someone walked up and took a sledge to the rear lights, as long as they still worked I'd shake the persons hand.) I don't care for the rear lights.

kamran102 says:

In Sweden we all get paid in lutfisk..

Commentator541 says:

I call out BULLSHIT when I see it. What, S90 is expensive at 60 grand for the top end model? No it isn't!. That is where competition starts. Also, the BASE MODEL has EVERYTHING you really need, and you will be in the mid 70s if you are trying to spec out a German or Japanese car to a level that you get on a BASE Volvo.

Jacques Poirier says:

when Volvo quitted the 240, 740 and 940 models, they forgot 2 things
a) simplicity and maintenability
b) reliability that made the 240 model famous

Rick Tyler says:

I hate it.

Live Jones says:

turbo and supercharger on a 4 cylinder? how do say hell no in Swedish? it's a handsome ride through.

kk P says:

4:37 shitty laggy touch screen, and that cheap sounding 4 pot at 5:00.
and that below average 13.x cu.ft trunk space with no fold down seats. Too many shortcomings

bwats83 says:

I just saw this car at the International (tiny) Auto Show in San Diego, it is amazing, and definitely one of the highlights. Also Lincoln, they are doing away with that hideously stupid front end that looks like Bird Man is about to fight crime.

Ramon Gonzalez says:

i hope they foxed the overheating and random engine issues with these

Blank Blank says:

that's the base model. most people want the vision pack, the climate pack and the convenience pack. also HUD. 65 k if you get options

Daniel Draghici says:

Is the newest expensive Volvo their best? Yeah, just like all new cars are the best the company offers, or they wouldn't have made or released them…This honestly is priced around the G90 level with less than G80 rear seat room which isn't great for a large sedan. They seem to have completely overlooked the rear of the car both inside and outside and spent all their time on the Audi shape lights and the new dashboard. I think for anyone looking for a 4-5 seater, this shouldn't even be on their list at this price point.

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