2017 SsangYong Rodius EX Review – AutoDeal Behind the Wheel

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SsangYong Philippines came back strong in 2016 with 3 large vehicles – among them is the Rodius. This large 9-seater MPV should be one of your choices if you’re looking for a family car. Why? Watch this video to find out.

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Dan Wick says:

This car is ugly and inappropriate. The person who buys it has a very low self esteem.

Ajai01niner says:

bring only the essentials: beer…. ice cold beer.. Nice review caco!

VICTOR Austria says:

Review the foton toano please

Packo_ Hubu says:

Nice but the length to long looks like a semi hearse

J V says:

Wow. Looks like a hearse..hahaha

Zyd Lopez says:

Old and new school. Lol!

Sunil Ipe says:

It is not 8.6 mileage check doe phillippines

Dodjie Santos says:

It looks like a funeral hearse from the side.

Echo1Delta says:

it's a stupid looking MPV

Migz Rmz says:

Is it just me or this diesel copied some looks from other cars

KennyR says:

This car is just a wannabee-Mercedes. It tries very hard to be a copy of the MB GLS, but lacks the nice design of a GLS. I think this car is ugly as hell.

Lung Fei says:

I own a 2.2L 2016 version, at Hong Kong, now it run 110000km, it run very well, but for some haven't own a Diesel car before, need to be careful of maintenance.

Ander Tubod says:

This company have a shitty warranty deal. And it easily breaks

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