2017 Smart Fortwo Electric Drive First Drive Review: Style over Substance?

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( http://www.TFLcar.com ) 2017 Smart Fortwo Electric Drive First Drive Review: Style over Substance?

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Ian Weetman says:

Love the car, hated the review…

Burrito Chingon says:

iI really like that color combination black/green

Stephen says:

How would it handle snow ? I don't imagine it would be practical in the northern tier states where 12" plus snow falls are not uncommon. Anyone have any experience driving these in snowy conditions ?

dimaatik says:

what city is this?

Dumindu Buddhika says:

Front looks like kia picanto

mrh112 says:

"dont think its illegal"… drives past a no u turn sign.

UTubeGlennAR says:

Less than $5 a day to lease at $130 per mo…..

2017 zl1 camaro/2016 camaro fan says:

caranddeiver says the top speed of this is 78mph. thats sad as fuck

spacegreycoralred says:

Shit sound Roman

Kripple Hippo says:

So if you hit a squirrel, how well does the frame hold up when you go tumbling down the road?

madjh says:

Nice mini car. I like it. I woulike to buy a Range Rover for long and confortable travels and this Smart for daily use in city.

Matt Doyle says:

The smart is still useless for everything except horizontal parking.

Wm. Alex Vargas says:

water bottle holders are actually on the sides, on both doors, plus there is a tray on the passenger side to place at least 4 cell phones…

Jonathan dalton says:

i wish they brought back the smart roadster coupe , that was fun.

Ashley Bardella says:

These are adorable!!

Ed Mathews says:

Only if I lived, worked, and played in the city. But then why would I even need a car?

Dave Travels says:

I drive a smart electric all the time through car sharing in Germany. It is fantastic in European cities where space is at a premium, having the ability to fit into short parking spots is a huge advantage. However, I don't think that this car is useful in the U.S. as the roads are so big and the parking spots so large. Even parallel spots are often marked and have a dedicated meter in the U.S., so the advantage of having such a short car is lost. This is more of a gimmicky -look at me- car in the U.S. market.

tomlynn tigard says:

I've watched 3 reviews on the Smart Fortwo 2017 and none of them show the charger or where it's kept.  Are we expected to just plug it in directly, twist some wires or something?

diggydash says:

there is a cubby hole slot for mobile phones behind the handbrake.

Mark says:

can't imagine getting into a wreck in a smart car. O_O

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