2017 Rolls Royce Ghost Black Badge – Redline: Review

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Driving a Rolls Royce is really about driving in a lifestyle car. Everywhere you go attracts attention from bystanders as those of you who can afford its $300,000 starting price means you’re either a famous celebrity or just incredibly wealthy. While some of the tech may feel old compared to less expensive rivals, few can match the brand recognition that a Rolls Royce commands.


Armando Sturzenegger says:

The interior looks cheap.

Rafael Maciel says:

Yeah mine is in the shop…

David O Regan says:

"if I'm being honest" to many times

atadoff62 says:

Love this car, but i'd have to live in it….and that raises the question…can you be homeless if you live in a Rolls?

Raul Gsxr says:

I love your video's bro but everytime you were putting your hands on the hood or the trunk I was getting mad cuz you were leaving your hand prints… And it was only cuz its a Rolls Royce

Anthony Strunk says:

I hate those wheels

Gson says:

Arrree you being honest???

NiT8 - '98 says:

I'm gonna have one sooner than later

Jojo Pimentel says:

just like mahh car, except i have da silver!! wink! wink!

Kevin Polo says:

Why do reviewers always assume people don't drive their own rolls ? I don't know anyone with a rolls but I'm guessing a lot of people would drive their own cars.

quincy 7143 says:

The ghost is the drivers car. The phantom is the car to be driven in

Randy Deonarine says:

This is actually my dream car

Therealltaken10 says:

the interior is mediocre for a car that price, its not far off Merc or Audi

MAUROtele says:

the blue looks like crap

Trippe Red says:

One time my neighbor had one of these in front of his house for like a day

EL Ian says:

I drove one mutherf—er lol. I got me doing it on my channel. Brand new too. Uh. Regardless good review thank you.

dbcpk says:

i drov the civic and found it to be a very quiet car as well..

dbcpk says:

how would you compare it with homda civic…

teicix says:

I wouldn't buy it even if I was a billionaire

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