2017 Mazda CX-5 vs 2017 Hyundai Tucson: In-Depth Review and Comparison

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The Hyundai Tucson is a top-selling compact family car/SUV, but an all-new version of its Mazda CX-5 rival recently arrived in South Africa, bringing with it a host of improvements in terms of design, refinement and safety features. A direct comparison between the Korean and Japanese products was inevitable!

For this in-depth comparative video review, we pit the Hyundai Tucson 2.0 CRDi Elite derivative against the equivalent Mazda CX-5 2.2 DE AWD Akera to determine which is the better buy. Both are range-topping derivatives featuring automatic transmissions and powered by turbodiesel engines.

Does the handsome Hyundai Tucson have what it takes to best the suave Mazda CX-5? Watch the video to see how they stack up!


Danilo Gobbi says:

What a terrible review his information on the boot space is completely wrong.

sam Gist says:

What does he record with

Thabo Mashiloane says:

Waiting for the electronic door to open is a killer for me. They can take too long. Manually you just pop and lift then good to go.

Alen Men says:

Mazda hands down …
Sorry Korea, maybe in five years. You are definitely in the right direction.

Steve Robertson says:

I got a blue Tuscon Ultimate, and am very happy with it. I considered the CX-5 but ultimately chose the Tuscon, mostly because it just LOOKS better. The CX-5s styling is a bit boring. My blue Tuscon really pops, really turns heads wherever i go, AND i have a great sunroof, lots of tech and features, excellent warrenty, etc. Tuscon wins.

Bheki Given says:

Hyundai for me

Rob Denaro says:

I have a base Tucson that's 2 year old, and it has an electronic tailgate. But I'm in Australia. Perhaps your country is different in terms of the models you get. The cx-5 is too small and impractical . The fact that it doesn't have a full size spare wheel, kills it for me. My experience is that latte sipping, chardonnay swilling, trendies buy and drive the cx_5 , around the suburbs. You hardly see them in the real world of SUV driving, in the country, dirt roads, beach, etc. I wouldn't hazard those places with a space saver wheel.

V Arffman says:

Mazda 7 days in week : )

ebie says:

this was the best review style and the best informative video. I wish you guys could do more reviews like this however it seems like cars.co.za is loosing the plot and doing reviews on cars that are for a very selective audience. also iv noticed that there are very limited reviews on cars from them. I hope you guys can put more reviews showcasing majority of the vehicles that apeal to the everyday normal persons in South Africa

Martin Martin says:

Don,t waste your time with the Mazda CX 5 the CX 30 in Feb 2020 will kick its ass with sky active x and better price.

Islander NY says:

Paint chipping,not reliable piece of shi..customer support dont exist.
No long term value.

Soulla Aristotelous says:

Mazda cx5 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello says:

The Tucson has lane departure assist as standard kit midway in their model range. Why on earth is this fella making a comparison with a lower spec model Tucson – it makes no sense. This really is misleading.

joel decastro says:

mazda win how about the price bitch assss!

Ronnel Cuison says:

I have an older version of the tucson, while the ride is confy coz of the seats, some parts deteriorated quickly. The shock absorbers were replaced, the springs, the door handles are broke, the muffler has a hole under so it’s a bit noisy, interior materials are now in bad condition it react to sweat, to many to mention. I also have a mazda cx5 but with just minor issue.

Ronnel Cuison says:

Tucson parts breaks-down and deteriorate before 5 years

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