2017 Lincoln MKX Black Label Review: Curbed with Craig Cole

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Cadillac is adored by the press for building sporty, emotional vehicles like the ATS-V. In contrast, longtime-rival Lincoln receives all the scorn for a lineup comprised largely of warmed-over Fords. But, this brand’s sales are actually growing at a significant rate thanks to new vehicles like their MKX crossover as well as a focus on luxury through its Black Label program.


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miamimo70 says:

He's not well..

Ron Miller says:

I bought a new 2016 MKX and after 3 months was forced to sell it due to large amounts of fiberglass passing out the exhaust and polutting the whole vehicle and interior. 5 months after selling it and losing $18,000.00 I still cough from inhaling this fiberglass. Lincoln would not assist me in this problem and told me to keep the windows up. I was told not to call them any more. This problem may be viewed { 2016 Lincoln MKX problems on utube } This is only in the 2.7 eco engine vehicles .

Denny Pirzas says:

Love that Ford Edge.

Samuel Audet says:

Does it come qith a 12 pack of beer ?

Various Curious says:

What do you suggest they curb?

KaSandra Hunt says:

I just bought one after a month of overwhelming car shopping and LOVE IT! I have the Black Label MUSE edition and it's been so worth it.

chancy319 says:

Sounds more like a commercial than a review.

Bob Dylan says:

When you started about the restaurants I thought I had been taken in a prank/April Fools joke…

Lathan Starnes says:

I admire that they bother to wrap the interior in high quality leather. Too many luxury cars are filled with injection molded plastic.

Tsheed1 says:

This Lincoln MKX goes hard if I can't afford one I'll definitely get one I always been a big fan of the Lincoln cars

Adam Bernard says:

Lincoln has the right idea here. People who buy expensive cars care about the car AND the experience. I think Lincoln should stick to luxurious, smooth, and reliable cars while taking individually tailored service seriously. Master these two aspects and soon they'll have the American Lexus, which is something a large demographic of prospective customers actually wants.

Jason Golden says:

Love love love this car, and as always, love Craig's presentation.

Jon long says:

well until they make another front-engine / RWD 2-door powerhouse i'll stick to buying used mk viii's

shrey2smart says:

The extended protection is not exclusive to black label cars.

Mike Lee says:

"Black Labels Matter"

Abe Froman says:

Black label? More like the Black Bag they put on adult magazines in a seedy gas station.

Eric Fortune says:

I'd say they majority of the people commenting on this probably can't afford it either way.

Blake Swan says:

not competitive for the price in its segment, the black label needs to be standard across all its line.

Acc0rd79 says:

Uggh the front end of that SUV is just so damn ugly! WOW Lincoln has been so dull and ugly the past 10 years….they used to be so nice all through the 90s.

Nima Bahrehdar says:

Imho, their designs still have serious flaws. The new Continental is much better but Lincoln is not there yet. I think they are still some over priced Fords.

YouDontWannaFightMe says:

I love how Lincoln has gone back to the ways of excess solely for the sake of it, just like they did in the 70s with their land yachts

MotorCity J says:

Once you go Black Label…..

TheSuperMotoHooligan says:

Ugh…this was just an advertisement for Lincoln. I'm unsubbing. Come on people. Come unsub with me. Let these guys know slime like this is a slippery slope for us to unsub…

TheSuperMotoHooligan says:

Extensive training…………pffft……yeah right….

Nicholas Smith says:

Hopefully one day they'll have suitable cars to put in that fancy lounge.

Christopher Walken says:

dat ford doe.

Aurora Jones says:

If your all piss and vinegar on it then you obviously have not sat in one. If your still pissy then you obviously cant form an unbiased opinion about fit finish and quality of materials. They compete in every way to the germans. Ive driven both line ups(Mercedes & Lincoln).

Namn L says:

Gotta love the Skinny

X V says:

A bit too advertorial but interesting nonetheless. Nice to see Lincoln at least trying to offer a premium experience.

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