2017 Lee Noble To Launch 515bhp Per Tonne Exile Track Car

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Lee Noble to launch 515bhp per tonne Exile track car
Lee Noble to launch 515bhp per tonne Exile track car, Shelter Noble, the founder of Noble Automotive, is starting his own line-up of cars under the Dedicated Sporting Vehicles banner, start with a 515bhp every tonne track car called the Exile.

Currently being tested in prototype form, the Exile uses a twin-turbo 3. 5-litre V-6 Ford engine and you will be launched by the end of this year.

Packing 515bhp per tonne — just 10bhp below the FERRY-BOAT Mono — the Exclusion is, in Noble’s words, “bloody quick” and has a top speed of 180-190mph.

Acceleration was not measured yet, but Franco is aiming for a 0-60mph time of between 2. 4sec and 2. 9sec, which would make it one of the fastest-accelerating cars available. “McLaren territory, ” said Franco. Further down the series, there may be plans to placed a lap time at the N? rburgring.

Franco pegs the Exile as a road-friendly track car. Its bodywork is made of mostly carbonfibre, good results. GRP body systems in places to keep costs down. An amount of less than? 90, 1000 is the target.

Even though the car’s design has been finalised, the Exclusion is still in the development stage. It was at first fitted with a 3. 6-litre General Engines engine but it is now being tested with the same twin-turbo V-6 used in the Ford producer F-150 Raptor.

Noble more than likely cite the engine troubles that contain delayed the car’s progress by two years, but he said this individual is on track to complete the car by the end of the year.

One bodystyle is planned at present, although the roof comes off and can be stowed under the bonnet. “That makes us a little dissimilar to normal track-focused cars, ” said Manager. The plan is to produce the car with a “sensible and manufacturable” chassis, with “a body to get it heading, and changeable bodies, like those over a Noble”, this individual said.

An autoresponder model, which will use this car’s mid-engined set-up and architecture, will either be more road-friendly or even more track-focused, depending on market. “We won’t do whatever for 2 to 3 years, ” said Franco.

A tube and aluminum tub with front and rear spaceframes accocunts for the car’s architecture. The engine is in-line mounted, which required the car being re-engineered from its original GM-sourced unit. It will be offered with a manual gearbox only. Franco said: “In the sector we’re aiming at, we all want manuals, especially on a track car. “

Noble’s procedure is smaller-scale than Noble Automotive, the company he left last year. Production estimates for the Exile are 15-20 automobiles per year. Noble does not have any wish to ramp up production beyond this.

The Exile would be the first in a number of vehicles, said Noble. The Exclusion, a mononymous, stand-alone car, will mainly rival the Radical RXC after start, although Noble claims they’ll be in a market of its own. Product sales will be direct to keep the price down. Selling through dealers would add heavily to the car’s price, said Franco.

This also gives Franco an in depth relationship with his customers — something that he’s keen to maintain and that will also provide the cars some level of customisation potential

Lee Noble to launch 515bhp per tonne Exile track car


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