2017 Lada Vesta SW Cross 1.8. Start Up, Engine, and In Depth Tour.

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2017 Lada Vesta SW Cross 1.8. Start Up, Engine, and In Depth Tour.
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Captain Turrican says:

Such beautiful products come out when you will be bought by renowned manufacturers like Renault and Nissan,the same goes with Skoda and VW

Sola123 says:

к сожалению, вряд ли можно увидеть в большинстве стран Западной Европы – Unfortunately hardly to be seen in most Western European countries….

bgundertaker says:

Car looks great, but this is the most boring car video that I have ever seen!

Tax Mini says:

На мой взгляд, полный и честный обзор получится только у истинного владельца Лада Веста! Я такой нашла, делюсь со всеми https://youtu.be/J8wIM1ElLKI

Olaf Posern says:

Da hat LADA ein tolles Fahrzeug gemacht. Ich bin begeistert. Warum ist es in Deutschland nicht zu kaufen? Es bereitet erhehebliche Schwierigkeiten das Fahrzeug zu bekommen . Aber: 15000 Sind zu teuer . Dann doch lieber einen Sandero . Mal sehen.

Olaf Posern says:

Ein Traumauto.

Olaf Posern says:

Ein phantasisches Auto, Wozu brauche ich meinen Mercedes ???? Diese Auto begeistert mich..

Harikamoshi says:

Lada did a great job !!!

Влад Крутой says:

This engine produces up to 300 HP with a turbine, many in Russia put it on a turbo.

Jelle NL says:

hi , i enjoy your no nonsense approach in your video,s .keep up the great work .the first lada vesta,s just arived here in the Netherlands. i like the vesta but i think it,s gona be a difficult sell here.
we alraidy got dacia as a budget brand and they use smaller (economic) engines and thereby are cheaper to tax here

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