2017 Chevy Malibu – Review and Road Test

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The 9th generation Malibu hits the reset button not only on Chevy’s midsize sedan, but also on the expectations of all Chevrolet sedans. Join KBB’s Zach Vlasuk to find out why.

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BruceTheSillyGoose says:

i wanna know if it rides as well over rough pavement, as the latest generation Impala LS/LT?

Sam Muel says:

Kinda looks like the Ford Fusion now.

redsalute7 says:

Is this LS version ? Standard ?

Pablo Ramirez says:

I have a 2018 malibu. Just like the one we are seeing but mine is an LT

Djamshid Abdumajitov says:

I suppose vice-versa. Malibu 2 (2017<) interior and materials are much more cheaper than Malibu 1. You can even reveal it by touching. First Malibu interior not so agressive but more expensive. Second exterior and interior was made more for impression but not for feel of quality. Even buttons and turn signals are made from cheap and hollow plastic without rubber as on Malibu 1.

Alexander Linder says:

I have one.. there’s recalls on the cylinder exploding

Kane Carti says:

Watching this in my 2017 Malibu

Yasmine Shah says:

i hate mine

suhail ahmed says:

Just like a lot of chevy lineup this model will also discontinue n hence will depreciate like a rock falling of mountain

Eleanor K says:

would this be a good first car

Gabriela Collins says:

this car looks truly great.

Salazar says:

What model is this?

Rj Achacoso says:

I have a '17 Malibu Premier. Although it is more expensive, it is an amazing car. I'm even surprised GM actually managed to make something as good as this, given their history and reputation. This is basically the only competing American midsize sedan now, since Ford killed off the Fusion

Blue Marvel says:

I test drove a Chevy Malibu today i loved it!

Joshua Dudley says:

Third brake light leaks I have a 2016 same problem with 2017 get it fixed before the 36000 mile warranty runs out or you have have to pay to fix like I did.

allannirvana says:

I've been driven japanese and german cars all my life, i never thought i'd say this, but after renting the malibu for a week, i can't say enough good things about it. Sure it's not as quiet as my lexus, but almost as comfortable. 1.5T is not fast, but the gas milage for such a big car is just a pleasant surprise. The lower trim interior is plastic-y for sure, but everything feels firm and sturdy. The infotainment system is easy to use and presentably nice looking. I can't say about its long term reliability since it's still fairly new and NOTHING beats a Toyota in that aspect, but it's a likeable car for what it is, not what it's trying to be.
I can't believe but I actually like an american car. Well done old Ted and fat Billy working in Tennessee!

Kristian Stagg says:

Lol awesome review. Info filled and funny. Good job and sweet car

Bad Drivers of California !! says:

Wishing the daytime running lights were together with the head lights. Sorry I’m really picky with cars 😂😂

Ken C says:

The rental company can have this. The GMPP extended warranty was the only part of a Chevrolet purchase that I did right. There's a reason why people say to get rid of a car before 100,000 miles.

Margarita Maestro says:

At 1:43 You made a typo there, Its the Ford FUSION not the Ford FUSSION.

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