2017 Chevrolet Trax – Review and Road Test

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Already among the segment’s most well-rounded entries, the Chevy Trax has been improved with a redesigned front end, improved interior and new tech including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, making it one of the first subcompact SUVs to offer these enhanced phone-integration technologies.

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Willam Batchelor says:

Does it also come with lane keep assist?

Tom Gill Chevrolet says:

Love the Trax and we've found it to be a perfect fit in the line-up. Thanks KBB!

Jae J says:

I wouldn't pay a dime over 15,500

Anonymous says:

Starting at $22,000 is too much for this.

Win says:

If you want your car to last don’t buy American made 😂 – American citizen

joshua morales says:

Would be 13k max this thing is a slap in the face lol

walkthisways says:

the missing armrest is awesome. great idea. more open room for passenger . and still just share the armrest

byron Rideaux says:

I prefer the Buick Encore

Keith Adtkins says:

Not a looker but is a very reliable grocery getter.

TQ Tom says:

I bought a 2017 LT Trax in March 2017. I looked at plenty of other so called crossovers and this was jam packed with features. It rides like a dream.Sips gasoline and has plenty of punch with it's turbo engine.Sunroof,Bose sound,sat radio, 110 volt outlet and so many other creature comforts, I cannot understand why anyone would not like this 2017 LT Trax. My '94 Caprice station wagon is still a daily driver for my son and me when I need to feel a V8 (330,000 miles on it).This Trax will no doubt be the same sort of long lived vehicle.CHEVY RULES.! Station wagons are destined to return. Love it.!

Malicious Asshole says:

I have the 2015 Chevy Trax.
It's handling is fucking great.

Mike J. says:

It's…a hatchback. Granted, a TALL hatchback, but still a hatchback. –Crusty Old Guy Who's Been Into Cars For a Long Time

bubber25 says:

i just bought one today and love it!

Brady Fereday says:

I love mine in blue! And everyone needs to check out the trax active concepet i want mine to look like it!

Mariano Cannas says:

In Argentina it has the same cost in Dollars, but here 51.5% of that value are taxes, while in the US taxes only recharge 7%. I think GM is making a lot of money in the US.

najirban says:

It's not that bad. I'd consider the base with a manual. Maybe get some rims and turn up the boost for a nice daily driver.

Charles M Rinehart says:

I normally don't like SUV's because they all look alike, and are boring at best, the Trax is definitely good looking to me. I'll be getting a new 2018 Chevy as soon as the 2019 models come out, but for my liking and use, it'll be either a Cruze or Sonic. Nice review here.

froggo doggo says:

I'm seeing so many of these everywhere around town. I also work at a Chevy dealer and these are half the cars we sell, new and used. At this rate, it seems like it could be one of the most common cars of all time, behind the Model T and the Beetle. Do people really love these cars that much? Is it just because they're cheap? Or are they cheap because so many people are buying them?

NickPlayzRBLX says:

3:04 rip

Ian Alexander says:

Looks horrible

hachi roku says:

Ah american, always complaining about small cars, yet every person in the rest of the world really love small and chuckable cars.

TheGhostofMarley says:

In 5 years, this could make for a perfect first car

Adithya Ramachandran says:

Considering that most who buy a car like this are left wing millennials, subcompact crossovers are great candidates for all electric vehicles.

Efo Efo says:

in my country trax is much better than hrv. and cheaper. worth to buy

das2190 says:

I gave in and bought one today and I love it!

True Life Average Jane Vlog says:


Jorge O. says:

I have one. Love it.

Haseeb I says:

I love the tax

Sulaiman Juli says:

I love my Trax… 🙂

rolef seifert says:

I like this reviewer better than that other KBB person who is always haming in the camera

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