2017 Chevrolet Silverado Redline Edition – Redline: Review

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With so many different variants, Chevrolet introduces yet another new package on the latest 2017 Silverado. After an extensive overhaul last year, the current truck should continue to put up a nice fight against the best from Ford, Ram, Nissan, and Toyota.


noe cajero says:

Its a beautiful car That i like

Michael McHugh says:

I have bought new vehicles since the 80's. Every Chevy truck, 3 to be more specific that were built after 1988 has intermittent electrical issues, engine knocks, engine light coming on every 10k and other issues starting in the first year or less than 10k miles. I no longer buy any Chevrolet.


please we need Review for the all new silverado 2019

Salvador Anaya says:

Actually the First truck was back in 1918

Asx_ 99 says:

The ground clearance sucks!! It would be very difficult to take this truck for off-road..

Jack Napier says:

It’s nice but Ford just seems to have a best look & features.

Jack Napier says:

No push button start?
Keys are like CD players no longer needed.

Loren Wenning says:

That is a 6.5 foot box!

HellsSonofAnarchy says:

I am looking at this exact model of truck and this review helped me alot as i am also a short guy i thought the hood stuck up very high on these when sitting in the truck but it doesn't look like it

PGm issa says:

only 2200 pounds on that bed ford can handle alot heavier than that

David Ávila Beltrán says:

"You can put shit in the back"😂 20:26

brennansquad says:

That's not the short box.

hasnat niazi says:

nice truck it looks good

Zvmbie says:

Is 15 rpg bad?

Sneaky Pete says:

lol really good at cutting people off, eh!
You jack ass

Seth Wilson says:

I dont understand my moms 06 LT had a rear entertainment system, why have they been taken out?

Jason Hattrich says:

You fucking little pussyies can't turn a key?? Wow… No wonder it scares you..

An says:

Who needs push button start on a truck? Only crossovers and sedans are good to have

herlan setiawan says:

Are u indonesian?

Carlos Chavez says:

Bro you have to be about the dumbest nigga saying this is the shortest bed they have because you are wrong smh if you don’t know your shit don’t say it or make videos about it. Highly disappointed!!!!

Shane 3689 says:

A small 7-8” touch screen. I mean really, it’s big especially for a truck

Saber Phillippe says:

Very Nice!!!

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