2017 Cadillac CTS-V – Redline: Review

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Using the same supercharged 6.2L LT4 monster from the Corvette ZO6, Cadillac brings an assault rifle to the super sedan horsepower war typically dominated by German offerings. If you’re bent on not buying something European, this all American 2017 CTS-V fits the bill quite nicely.


Brad James says:

I dont know how you pick tracks but the intro song at the beginning was perfect.

Todd Thornley says:

so i like cts's but i have never thought to myself… "i wish they had a 100k version that was super duper fast". like what a dumb car to make super fast lol. like you can get an ss camaro or a gt mustang and have 60k~ left over lol. and those are actual cool fast cars.

m3c43 says:

Too much talking.

m3c43 says:

Not manual too bad.

Dimey357 says:

Couldnt hear a shift with all the noise homie was making

Mercury EX says:

I don't understand why everybody loves cadillac's design so much. To me, cadillac makes some of the ugliest cars ever.

David Blalock - Livin' Life says:

See inside, it sounds awesome. The supercharger whine, and rumble of the exhaust sound great inside. But outside it just sounds like a tractor.

David Blalock - Livin' Life says:

Maybe its the speakers on my phone, but that engine sounds like a tractor.

Cooper Wilkinson says:

This is the type of car a business exec would get to go fast to his/her meetings to continue to fuck up Middle America.

I Love Prophet Muhammad says:

Great review as always!

Gustonegro says:

All that orgasmic giggling, tho…

epic swag gamer man says:

They should offer an awd version

Vesa Roivainen says:

breath man you are talking too fast…

Mighty-Zeus says:

Now all they need to do is make it awd. It would be unstoppable

adaptiveagile says:

What a badass machine. Those takeoffs were epic.

Artas Gill says:

Why u a wasteman, do the launch control again!!!!!!

Grover Mcwilliams says:

I love the Cadillac CTS with the 3.6 I don't need a Cadillac CTS V just give me the Cadillac CTS that is it

Ady Baez says:

Uff too damm sick 🔥😍

Patel Vidhu says:

Bigger powerful and comfortable. I like cadillac cts v.

Travis Kemper says:

I have liked every single CTS-V's! This one has an amazing design. Love the look. I can't stand is that damn touch sensitive buttons. Come on did they not try driving and try to change anything on the AC.
Yes this car looks SICK like you said. Especially the carbon fiber package. Great review, thanks!

0924 I6 says:

All I have is a 2006 Cadillac STS and I’m satisfied with it 🤷🏻‍♀️

Meeean Azz says:

Dad I want one!

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