2017 Buick LaCrosse First Drive Review: American Luxury ReInvented?

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Al Mahde says:

i love it

WarOnCOD says:

Now only if Buick got off their butts and finally remake the Riviera. I had a 1997 Riv and my dad had a '67 and I loved my modern styling along with his raw power. I would buy one of Buick ever started making the Riviera again.

Bobby Byrd says:

body is Tesla like

Random ass vidoes 91 says:

isn't this basically a impala clone

NoBreyner60 says:

When you drove the car did you detect the start/stop working? I test drove the '17 Lacrosse today and made a few stops and never detected if start/stop was working.

Matt Wagner says:

This is a beautiful car I love it in this maroon color and the rear end is seductive lol

박도현 says:

look like hyundai sonata…

Bender Rodruigez says:

Why does that guy have 2 watches on?

Sam Clark says:

BUICK manufacturers, your team is the best. I have the 2012 touring lacrosse V6 and I have owned a bmw, Infiniti, Cadillac, Chevrolet, and I drive my mom's Mercedes-Benz but none touch BUICK. I just feel good behind the wheel. THANKS. PS I'm afraid to test drive this car, I know I would buy it.

jian fei Zhang says:

I bought this car recently, it only takes me seconds to make up my mind to buy it, it's so beautiful and the interior is luxury and comfortable, i can't wait to drive it home!!

Jord Eli says:

This car is UGLY.. Buick at its best!! Fits right in with the year 2000

Tiago Farias says:

Beautiful. Wish we had Buick in the uk. We have Vauxhall instead. Buick is better. Hello from Uk!!!

K. Theodos says:

Car manufacturers will say the start/stop is seamless and that you wont notice it, but you do notice it. I find it annoying and always bypass it. I would never buy this car unless I test drove it a lot to make sure it really is seamless.

K. Theodos says:

Made in China?

Clayton Hoskinson says:

Looks too much like the current generation Hyundai Sonata from the front…

garibayja123 says:

not liking the new tail light style.. reminds me of what Honda did.. and I dislike Honda

ScottaHemi says:

cars are getting low wide and long again!? AWESOME!

it was about time this super tall phase slowed down…

Aleal says:

It look like a Hyundai Sonata

Denis Lara says:

Nice Chevys

lounge room tv says:

is just another Buick LeSabre he repeat the same thing all over again with the LeSabre he's doing with this car

Bob Davis says:

Why did Buck continue with the side port holes? Now every Mexican has stick ons from auto zone on their cars now…..

Bob Davis says:

lol talking about performance in this car….

kevin12697 says:

I thought they used stop start on the malibu, I don't think it's actually the first gm to ise it! I think he meant the first good stop start system!

Kim Borcherding says:

Really great car!!!! Shhh, best kept secret.

Arthur Wall says:

Really happy about still having a V6 and not just another turbo 4

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