The BMW M2 squeezes supercar type performance in to a sleek coupe body, a signature design of the BMW M series. With this in mind is there much difference between the M2 and a regular 2 series? Can the M2 fend off tough opposition from rivals such as the Porsche Cayman, Lotus Exige or Audi TTS? Is the BMW M2 worthy of the hype and high praise it has thus far received from the automotive world? Sit back and relax as carwow’s very own Mat Watson puts the BMW M2 through its paces in our 4k review and find out if a new legend has been born!

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Overview of the Russian all road car Lada 4×4 (aka NIVA) mod. 2131.
A brand new car issued in 2015. Practical advise, technical review, inside cabin view, test drive, light off road action, comments and suggestions.

Largely responsible for changing the “dirty” image at General Motors, the 2016 Chevrolet Volt offers an appealing blend of style and technology, all with the promise of the real-world ability of not using any fuel, just as long as your commute is less than 50 miles. The second generation is a must drive for those of you in the market for an EV.

How does the striking Lexus RX stack up against premium SUV rivals, including the BMW X5 and Mercedes GLE? Mat gets behind the wheel to find out in our 4k video review.

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Awkward haggling is a thing of the past with carwow. Choose your perfect car with our configurator tool and let the country’s best dealers compete over you. Compare the five best offers by price, location and dealer ratings and choose the one that’s right for you – no hassle, no haggling, just a great deal.

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Known for its stripped back, utilitarian appeal, the Dacia Duster is popular with those who want a practical, capable and affordable SUV.

Although the Duster is very basic inside, its affordability has earned it a place on many driveways around the world. But what’s it like as a whole package?

We take the Duster out on the road to see what the cheap as chips Dacia Duster is capable of.

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Audi has decided to create a whole new vehicle segment with the new Q2. The Audi Q2 is similar in style to the Q3 but much more compact; a smaller SUV. The Q2 shares its base with the new Seat Ateca, which in turn was built as a rival for the VW Tiguan. The exterior of the Audi Q2 is rather sporty, especially at the roofline. Although it is one of Audi’s Q-series, it isn’t primarily designed as an off-roader, so what exactly is the Q2 and what should you do with it? Source:

The 2015 Subaru Outback is on an all-new platform, with symmetrical all wheel drive and a lineartronic CVT. It features active torque vectoring, electric power steering, and a 2.5L boxer four with 175 hp. The all-new infotainment system includes a standard touch screen display and back-up camera. The touch screen, unlike many in the automotive world these days, is actually quite responsive.

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Standard features include:
– Extensive soft-touch materials
– Acoustic windshield and liquid–filled engine mounts
– Active Grille Shutter
– 60/40 split folding rear seats
– Three trim levels

The 2.5i Limited Includes:
– 18 inch alloy wheels
– Perforated leather upholstery
– Heated front and rear seats
– Rear seat climate control vents
– 12 Speaker 576 Watt Harmon Kardon Audio System
– Blind spot detection
– Lane change assist
– Rear cross traffic alert
– 7-inch touch screen

Options Include:
– Moonroof package
– Keyless access & push button start
– Navigation
– EyeSight
– Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle

Eyesight Driver Assist System Includes:
– Adaptive cruise control (works very well)
– Pre-collision braking
– Vehicle lane departure warning
– Steering Responsive Fog-lights

MSRP as tested: $34,135

This video will take a look at the exterior, engine and drivetrain, wheels, tires, suspension, interior, features, as well as a quick test drive and summary of the fuel economy.

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So it just came in for 2016 and just prior to me filming this video it was completely detailed so here it is…The 2016 Maserati GranTurismo MC!

Big thanks to Faulkner Maserati in Mechanicsburg, PA for allowing me to film the GranTurismo! For more information on their inventory please feel free to visit the link below.

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Our first test drive review in the 2016 Dodge Journey Crossroad AWD three-row crossover explores in detail why it’s such a hot seller in its segment. Full on and off-road test, and detailed review.

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I drove nine hours to Canada to check out one of the only TVR Tuscans in North America. Here’s a tour of its bizarre traits.

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MG GS review: The first SUV to come from the brand. It rivals the Nissan Qashqai and offers a good value for money package.

Walaupun Ford Motor Indonesia sudah tutup dan tidak menjadi APM lagi di Indonesia, tapi masih banyak orang yang penasaran dengan salah satu SUV yang pernah dijualnya.

Dan di video kali ini, sambil kita menunggu kepastian siapa APM pengganti Ford di Indonesia, melalui reviewer AutonetMagz, Bobby Situkangpoles, kami akan jelaskan secara detail kelebihan dan kekurangan Ford Everest terbaru, check this out!

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#KokohReview special edition dimana aku akan Review Mobil Mewah BMW 740 Li.

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I drove a classic Mini. I know everything about Great British-England now! I know all the U.K. Things. Here are all the facts about Britianengland:
1) UK has one main highway. It is called the A4.
2) If you don’t pay your Government TV bill, thugs come to your flat and beat you up.
3) Everyone lives in flats.
4) The BBC can’t afford desks for news presenters.
5) Brighton Beach only existed in Quadrophenia.
6) Their paper money has Wi-Fi
7) They like Steve McQueen way more than we do.

After a rather luck luster first effort into the midsize hybrid sedan segment, Hyundai looks to recitify the faults that kept the first Sonata Hybrid from being the top of its class with much improved fuel economy, better exterior looks, a roomier cabin, and smoother driving dynamics. Are the changes enough to warrant a look over Camry, Fusion, and Accord hybrids?

Aston Martin’s DB9 replacement – the DB11 – has lost displacement and gained a couple of turbochargers. So has it lost some soul in the process? Matt finds out…
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