2016 Smart Fortwo First Drive Review: Much Improved. Good but not Great

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( http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2016 Smart Fortwo is all new and still a tiny urban car. But unlike the last generation, this newest Smart car is Turbo-charged and more fun to drive as Roman recently found out in Portland, Oregon.

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Supersonicfan534 says:

That bitch gonna tip over

TheMMObro says:

I'm pretty miffed about the fortwo.. my dad had the 08 and is in the market for a new car. tho i see quite a bit more than I'd expect seeing around (I'm in nyc) bc of the shitty reputation of the last one, so i expected it and hoped it would be a vast improvement. it still seems shitty. at least they apparently fixed the nauseating lurch when the gears shift..

i drive stick smoother than that and get nauseated in my dad's 08 model. my rsx with coilovers on nyc roads (terrible) rides smoother lol. i get car sick and can only last 15 minutes at a time before I'm clawing at the windows and hanging outta the door for fresh air lol

Jeff Morse says:

just saw a 2016 Smart in orange and black. The owners were anything but hip and youthful. Probably 70.

Gary Bowen says:

Thank you!!! Of ALL the reviews on this car, you are the only one who pointed out this car has too small of an A.C. for us desert dwellers!

GETREAL! says:

what a waste of the time, bullshit, review. do yourself s favor and see another review

Whats GoingOn says:

I'm mechanically incline and these cars have a very poor design . For example to change a thermostat on this car is a nightmare not to mention they cost $200.00. The starter, try to find a rebuilt starter because the new ones are just crazy expensive. The starter is very very badly designed , they can't last the cables are exposed so the corrosion set in and you have to change the whole starter. If you could get brushes for the starter then you could change the cables but never the less who in the world would have such a bad design . If the car worked half the time it would not be so bad. I had mind up to 45,000 KM's and was always broken I never seen such a poor design . The other thing is the gas millage a Toyota Yaris as better millage and a much better car. The resale value is worth nothing for these cars. The car it self was fun to drive specially down town parking was a joke. But they are always broken can;t rely on them. Like the rebuilt starters there is hardly none available because they all lose there cables. I guaranty that anyone who as one of these will have starter problem and that;s only the beginning . A SMART car top of the line AC , Blue tuth, mags, gas, passion coup 4 years old 45000 km's $4000.00 and that is in immaculate shape I wouldn't pay $1000.00
IN MY OPINION THIS IS THE WORST CAR ON THE MARKET TODAY. Don't take my word ask anyone who as one for more then five years. The list goes on the actuator is another problem these are not automatic they have an automatic clutch not the same thing.
The older diesel models would heat up in 6th gear . I repair car and this is the worst car out there today. The other thing is when we have certain problems with car we call the dealership for advice and always get it but Mercedes wont give us the time of day.

OddTimeMan says:

But where is the key to wind it up?

The Michal says:

Very nice video! Keep saving…♥

cosmodave69 says:

Still makes my original Honda insight look like a super car!!!

Kitikitibangbang says:

Reasons why I would like this car.

-its small
-it's cheap

Reasons why i won't buy this car

-it's not small, they made it wider
-it's not cheap for what you get
-takes only premium gas? no thanks

Stick with making over priced cars for the rich Mercedes. You still don't impress me.

styldsteel1 says:

No friggen way. this POS has no business being in this country. It's meant for tiny European roads. Not here. Dangerous as all hell. I don't want to hear any bullshit about safety. If you get slammed by anything of substance like an SUV you will end up hundreds of feet down the road flipping and tumbling due to it's weight of a bicycle, and don't even think for a second your insignificant human bodies can withstand that kind of trauma. Sad people in this country purchase these things. Show some god dam respect for yourselves.

Darragh Whelan says:

Will you be doing a giveaway because I would absolutely LOVE one of these smart cars!

Joshua Rialto says:

Any overheating issues with the rear engine?

Lps2005 says:

Isnt san francisco fag infested ??

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