2016 MINI Cooper S Review: More BMW than Cooper?

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( http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2016 MINI Cooper S is a small, sporty car that’s great on a twisty roads as Roman and Tommy discover in this TFLcar VLOG Review.

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Rea Rivera says:

what the fuck

My03Tundra says:

One of the best roads in Arizona? Sure aren't talking about any roads in Tucson!

Killer co says:

how many gears does the automatic transmission have?

Daniel Machej says:

pochvala za cz titulky :D

greatgood5 says:

AZ roads look like they're dying.

نواف الحربي says:

كم سعره؟؟؟

adam rogers says:

sounds really loud in the cab O.o

Emanuel Watson says:

Do all the Mini come with Run flats? What about the base Mini 4 door?

l hhlopez314 l says:

if i would get this car, i would respray it all black no stripes all black

Whynot Whynot says:

I just bought a  2016 Mini Cooper S. You can argue all day on differences and critiques but I am a happy guy with this little pocket rocket.

Ryan Vartto says:


TheSinMOG says:

Hey, Thomas I'm also a mini fan boy, and I'm here to tell you that the early R56 still retains the feel of your R52, R53. It still has your road noise and the automatic with manual mode is awesome, as well as the Manual Trans one.

DroverChicago says:

Oh, and nuts to the cockhat who wouldn't let you by.

DroverChicago says:

Jeez, what a shit-ass road. Here in the Midwest our streets get chewed up by freeze/thaw cycles and road salt. What the hell is their excuse out there?

subash sivakumaran says:

Tfl is getting better

Raymond Wong says:

Actually, $25000 usd, you can find an S model with stick shifter or auto-sport shifter with premium package (Harmon Kardon Hi-Fi, Panoramic Sunroofs, Keyless Start, Keyless Windows, Keyless Sunroof, Keyless Trunk Opener), LED lighting package, auto LED headlights, LED foglights, Storage Package, parking sensors, upgraded alloys, run-flat tires and anti-theft lo-jack alarm system. I and my wife got one during 2015 X'mas when they had $6,500 off and 1.99% APR for up to 72 months, but we only take 48 months.

There was one fully loaded with additional heads-up-display, Wired Package with real-time navigation, blue-tooth everything, MINI enhanced visual boost, power folding mirrors, heated seats, rear camera and upgraded JCW rear spoiler. But, they only gave us a best discount of $2,000 for that one, so we did not go for that one.

Ryan Hester says:

he said 2008 cooper s is supercharged its not they discontinued the supercharger after the r53 in 2006

Aaron Nicholas says:

I have to disagree with your comment that the best option for transmission is the manual. Granted I like driving a manual as any other enthusiast. But the new auto's have been tested against professional drivers and the auto still has the faster times. Put the auto into "manual" mode and its the almost like you have a dual clutch sequential gearbox. Unfortunately as the auto transmission evolves the manual at some point will be going the way of the Dodo. Look at any high end sports-car and you'll see my point i.e. Ferrari, GT-R, etc.

Jacob Ballard says:

BMW started to you turbos in 2007 not 2008. And next 2007 and up Are called the r56 not r52. I mean if you say your son tommy mini know it all he needs to gets his facts straight!

KoreanAnt says:

The facelift R56s, R57s are the best minis to date, IMHO.

iceman5815 says:

Crappiest shit car I've ever have the dishonor of owning.

iceman5815 says:

Crappiest shit car I've ever have the dishonor of owning.

GrayQ says:

hah this guy scared look his righ hand

freezor80 says:

That is definitely your son Roman. He looks just like you. This kid knows his Minis. That is very impressive. I can how he loves cars and I assume you taught him that. Seems like you guys have a great relationship. I like that. Have you offered him a job? Cause if I had your job Roman, I'd hire him.

Juan says:

Third world roads are better…

Francis “Francis99” RicDoug says:

Is it comfortable in a Mini Cooper being tall? About 6ft.
I've looked at Mini's and it seems the countryman would be the
way to go but I really like the look of the 3-door hatch. Which would be
the better option for a tall person?

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