2016 KIA Optima First Drive Review: Don’t Mess with Success!

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( http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2016 KIA Optima is all new but from the outside you might find it hard to tell. In this TFLcar first drive review Roman gets behind the wheel of the new 2016 KIA Optima and finds out just much the sedan has been improved.

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Nicholas Aylward says:

Love that word "refined" don't ya….

USA4thewin says:

Garra love them hiv lights

demaciu88 says:

Why do you have your seat so far forward that your knees are at 90° angles? who drives like that anyways?

Nickolas RW says:

Lil Red Robbin' Your Check! It's you updated! D:

ECDT1089 says:

This car is beautiful, nuff said. Especially in black! And to think 10 years ago I wouldn't even considered a Kia.

Philson says:

they made the design worse.

Diane Campbell says:

I got my new 2016 xlx Optima I love everything about it I got my new 2016 ex lax optimum my love everything about it

Raptor Jesus says:

kill the gay ass music….. but great review thanks.

Chris Monroe says:

Do not buy! Kia makes lemons. Own one and it gives me nothing but problems. VERY unreliable!

Blackhawk ghuman says:

this guy needs to give more info on car …he seems to I've no idea about cars

Bryan R says:

music sucks balls. please stop.

raul robles says:

does anyone know who manufacturers kia? also is kia reliable like toyota and honda?

Maverick Grabber (MSTNGMAN) says:

I'm not a huge fan of the flat steering wheel and new shift knob. Sometimes it's better to just leave things alone…

Maverick Grabber (MSTNGMAN) says:

I truly like my 2013 Optima SX with a much nicer steering wheel and shift knob, the dash and not to mention mine has 274Hp and looks like when I drove it out of the lot. It has 44,000+ miles and still runs brand new. I have to go test drive the 2016 but I'd rather keep mine…

brent brown says:

the 15 still looks better.

AtomBoy says:

Sporty, but no punch?

SagaAcademica says:

looks way better than the passat (usa model)

MJ Maranan says:

I'm really stuck on getting the Kia Optima or the Hyundai Genesis, both are great cars, both are Korean, but I'm not sure which one I should get. Both are pretty good looking, reliable, and affordable, but I'm really going towards the Hyundai, but now since a 2016 Optima came out, now I'm on square one, any suggestions?

Kemy Always says:

KIA is garbage period. I don't care about performance and fancy gadgets. At the end of the day, it's still a fucking KIA.

Gerald's Videos says:

Spare tire? Donut? Fix-a-flat?

Sedans!!!!!!SUV!!!! AUTOMOTIVE!!! says:

2016 I LIKE BETTER!!!!!!!!!

Bestknownunknown says:

If you want a Lexus buy one. If you want a Mercedes buy one. If you want a Kia you should be able to buy an authentic Kia not a cheap looking Lexus or buy an authentic Hyundai not a cheap looking Mercedes. It still has those same cheap Kia & Hyundai engines and parts just all dolled up.

Bestknownunknown says:

What's the deal with these lazy car designers. Seems like Kia, Hyundai, & Buick are all copying other more successful car designs and just mixing them. People are in love with knock off clothes, shoes, etc so there's no wonder they're in love with these cheap knock off copy cat cars.

Salam Sabah says:

The bad thing not about the car it's about the presenter ! he is very huge so the car seems to be more small & ugly.

rockerdriver says:

I saw a top of the line one of these stickered at $37K! That's $2K more than a top of the line Camry or Accord!Go figure!

Leo |-/ says:

Wish it had LED turn signals, considering it has LED taillights and Bi-Xenon headlights, and LED DRLs.

rmendoza720 says:

Whelp….guess I wont be trading my 2011 optima ex turbo in for a new one anytime soon……put the gd power back.

Cory in the house says:

it looks like a storm trooper….I LOVE IT!

forevermannh says:

Roman, As far as your leg rubbing on the hard console…I could say the same thing about every mid size sedan out there. I'm 6'3" tall I guess I'm going to have to find the car I like the best and rip the console out because I haven't found one yet I could take a long drive in. A huge deal breaker, but where am I gonna go.

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