2016 Jeep Renegade Trailhawk – Redline: Review

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As the first-ever Italian built Jeep to grace our shores, the little Renegade looks to offer Jeep buyers all the charisma and charm of a Wrangler, but wrapped in a tidy, more adorable package.


German Quiñonez says:

I have this model "the Trailhawk" 2018 model and it looks slightly different inside, especially the dashboard, and also my rims are all black instead of the chrome on them.

stuna101a says:

I had a new 2013 Jeep Cherokee V6 Limited and the transmission was so bad I was able to get another car without any issue from Jeep. You can't elaborate and describe a horrible transmission until you drive it. After Jeep techs drove it 100 miles to "retune" it an it made no difference Jeep ate my negative equity and I was able to get out of it without suing Jeep.

Julius Madridejos says:

Can you review 2nd gen Scion xB? Great fan

Justin says:

I noticed you said there's no armrest, but the back of the center seat can fold down, giving you a large arm rest and two cup holders.

Justin says:

Having the 2.0 turbo, an improved transmission, two-speed 4WD, and better small overlap protection would make this car much better.

William Egler says:

Sounds like a 200 k beater!

Raghu Reddy says:

True, the design is too good, unique than other models in same class , which r of same type.
Taller, wider bit shorter and boxy.

Ride is enjoyable, handling good, easy at corners . Too good for such small SUV with 4wd.

Nick Wright says:

Your ears literally bled

J R says:

First I have to say that I love watching Vehicle reviews but I am having a hard time watching this as a lot of the information given in this video is completely inaccurate. First, I dont understand why no on has given credit to the Sasquatch walking up the mountain on the rear window panel (another fantastic Easter Egg), Also, the 2.4L Multiair is the EXACT SAME engine from the Dart line up (which I currently own), The heritage in this Renegade is true to jeep, no doubt, but I give this part a huge thumbs down as you don't seem to have the knowledge to back up your experience with Jeeps, for example the Wrangler is this Vehicles big brother, not the compass or previous models. I understand that this is the Trailhawk from 2015, but not much has changed other than the Uconnect system as well as the interior trim options. I just have to say, this is a very poor review of a car. Being someone who loves Jeep as a brand but I am very open to other SUV's in this bracket, A consumer, if you will, I dont rate my 0-60mph a thing in a small SUV, definitely NOT a Crossover. I just feel you did no research before doing this review as other Vehicle reviewers do, before getting behind the camera. I mean, you even said the wrong year "Since 1964", even though you corrected it during editing. Poor video. Sorry. I have been watching your channel for a bit now but this one is just terrible.

Maxx134a says:


manifest 73 says:

Jeep never have never will, junk brand.

American River Angler says:

Really misinformed review. 25% of what he covers is wrong. He doesn't like the behind the wheel controls because he doesn't want to memorize 6 buttons. But likes the headrests which are one of the biggest complaints for not be comfortable and pushing your head forward. Calls the panels heavy! They weigh 10lbs, (do some push ups and fix yourself) they aren't made of glass so they dont break during handling and storage. Also he says there is no armrest in the back seat when there is, it's just folded up. I stopped watching at this point, I couldn't take the assault on my ears from his review.

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