2016 Chevy Corvette Z06 – Review and Road Test

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The 7th-generation C7 Chevy Corvette is a car that even purist sports-car lovers can openly lust for, and the 650-horsepower Z06 variant further expands that appeal. Join KBB’s Micah Muzio as he tests the Corvette Z06 on the road and track.

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Thomas Kimble says:

In Tucson you'd be lucky to hit 110 at the end of the quarter

KingFC163 says:


Van Gildon says:

Sounds good as it laps it. ;)

Adrain Trujillo says:

beautifully gorgeous??

Pittsburgh_kid_52 says:

Love the corvette, better than them Nissan Japanese gtr crap, Japan should stick to making affordable not cool cars

guci says:

they overheat. lol… not the first time.

rustynails113 says:

Oh my God….you have me saying guff. LOL

rustynails113 says:

Micah Muzio (is really a name? LOL) did an excellent job!!

Tyler Torres says:

I own a Lamborghini veneno just kidding I actually one a Dodge challenger hellcat

King Alex says:

What kind of job can some work in inorder to afford one?

Kiel Martin says:

I am coming for ya baby

Marc Smith says:

I have been a Corvette fan for almost 40 years, worked on them, driven over 20 years worth of them, but damnit, I am a little disappointed. The C7 Z06 is an animal at the drag strip and on the road course, but they do get hot.

Since I have only seen one one up close, I noticed the radiator looks like a 1 or 2 row core which is insane. This would explain some of the problem. The ZR1 had the crap beat out of them in all types of temperatures, testing and the interior would overheat before the powertrain. I never heard of the ZR1 overheating. I just don't understand why they wouldn't use atleast a 3-4 core radiator to dissipate the tremendous heat especially with the A8 fluid going into the tank.

Gitonga Mwaniki says:

650 lbs/ft…. Simply AMAZING, very few cars have more than that… Only hyper cars

James Sher says:

bibs got f***ed up

Jay Birdd says:

More horses than an ikea lunch buffet lmao

SpinTheZachCircle says:

Awesome Corvette!

Richard Garcia says:

why did it overheat???

Luis Ayala says:

Yeeeaah, I'll stick to the BMW M6.

Basquiat Picasso says:

introduction so salty

elvis martinez says:

Willow springs track??? No way lol

John-Key Ponytail-Puller says:

OMG this car gave me a boner!'

prattspits says:

More like $100,000 here in Cali

NinjaBOI says:

Imagine being in this wit yo girl ;3

MrFenceBuilder says:

so when will Chevy start installation of the red button from Men in Black

Freddie B says:

What common man and woman can afford 80 to 100K for a car?

My03Tundra says:

Please, don't ever sing again.

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