2015 Mercedes COMAND Infotainment System Detailed Review

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2015 Mercedes C300 4Matic http://youtu.be/wxlEy7psPIU
2015 Kia K900 http://youtu.be/Ean1PTNnxc8
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For the 2015 C-Class Mercedes hasn’t reinvented COMAND, instead opting to polish an already solid interface. 2015 beings fresh graphics, smooth animations and a much faster processor to one of the original luxury segment systems. Current Mercedes owners will feel right at home with the organization of the interface as it is still intuitive and clean. Along with the refresh Mercedes has brought improved voice commands, voice control of your USB, iPhone or iPod connected media library and a touch controller. Although the touch controller is not part of the COMAND knob like you see in BMW’s iDrive or Audi’s MMI systems, it functions very similarly allowing you to write letters and numbers with your finger to speed up data entry.
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pam2435m says:

I read one comment, hope its true, that we can rewind songs by moveing slowly on touch pad…will try that!

Dirk Diggler says:

It’s not the same software

funty3000 says:

that shirt tho 😂

zekezero12345 says:

The command system is just awful – counterintuitive and SO slow. No need for the touch pad either – it just gets in the way and adds unnecessary complexity – who the hell wants to draw alphanumeric characters with their fingers whilst driving?! Mercedes really messed this aspect of the cars up. (2016 C250 Coupe owner).

Nick Lamie says:

does it have bluetooth streaming audio?

Daniel Sadjadian says:

Very nice video. I like how detailed it is, havnt been able to find any other video like this.

WhatHappendNext says:

Hello. Can you use Apple car play in c class?

gtiz5 says:

Thank you for the excellent and clear overview of the COMAND.

Tap Javu says:

How to change the language??

The SBh says:

Update 2016: The Google Maps with Google StreetView, Mercedes-Benz Internet radio, RSS-Feeds and some other apps are not available anymore.

Abhishek Sidhpura says:

Any one know how to activate the Reverse audible warnings or even while parking audible beep warnings?
all I could see was the yellow lines when I am close to any object while parking or reversing. Do not hear any audible warnings !!!

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