2015 Land Rover Defender 110 Review : Off Road Icon

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The Land Rover Defender is an off-road icon, but it’s also an endangered species. The end is near for one of the best off-road vehicles ever built. If you can conjure up an iconic overland journey, the Defender has tackled it. No matter how harsh, how tough, or how remote, Defender has taken adventurers into places other vehicles fear to drive. The question now is whether the final version of a modern icon is still relevant so many years after its initial release.


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Roger Alberto says:

i hope i can own one soon

human says:

My dad had a 1994 defender 90 3.9 v8
By far the most unrealible car we ever owned. There was nothing nice about it. under powered, noisy, fuel consumption was ridiculous. knock when accelerating or de-accelerating from the area of the gearbox, u can also feel it. all I can say is that they are all over rated and badly engineered and any honest person who owned or owns one will agree.

manu ochenta says:

Hey fatass may be if you loose that double shin may be you can your ass in that vehicle.

Black Conservative Patriot says:

"If you live in the city….that's what it should look like!" LOL Great vid!

quadzilla26b says:

Jeep wrangler kills this heap of shit

TheSaturdayTechChannel WithMusicAndGaming says:

…Jesus all these Land Rover owners, calm down seriously, I'm becoming one soon so I understand why you guys are mad at the reviewer but come on he's Aussie, who doesn't love the way the Aussie's are 😀

toast4242 says:

you , good sir , haven´t a got a clue what you´re talking about

Yahor Staselka says:

No idea what was he talking about driving with the window up… I'm 181cm tall and I NEVER had any issues with getting in, out and actually driving my 110. So pleaseeeee, stop saying it's uncomfortable!

Dr Peter jones says:

This is a lifestyle vehicle not a school run SUV…nearest competitor the GWagon both military contract vehicles. the new one is due soon. In the meantime it will be assembled as a kit in solvinia. Later versions usually bought for commercial use or enthusiasts. The completion of production has seen prices rise and final production figures exceed 30000 a year.

Slide On Camper Sales - Truck Camper Sales says:

Brilliant. Have you seen this flog and Dodge Ram in a tug of war

linro says:

This vehicle would be perfect for people below 1.6m

LROR Land Rovers Off Road says:

Landy power 💪

Joe Taroni says:

It's just because your a fat cunt

Riaz Adam says:

Has a defender ever been crash tested, if so, what are the ratings?

Joris Noster says:

yeah very good this defender in off road

endocry says:

All of you apologists defending this overpriced piece of shit are hilarious. So…much…denial…

Lotusdriver says:

lt's not as bad a car as you'd think.
Sure, you can't hammer down the fast lane at 100mph. And you'll know if you hit a pothole (although you won't damage the wheel or suspension like on a car)
The Defender needs a different driving style….slow down, sit back, and let the world go by.
You'll always get there, a bit more time taken but it will feel like an adventure. Although in reality it's just a trip to your holiday home.

Aodhan Cartmell says:

I really don't like this guy in the video

Scott RC says:

stop complaining about its ride on road and interior. its perfect as an off roader, rescue vehicle or an expedition vehicle. if you want luxury and comfort why consider it. although companies like twisted and overfinch do luxury interiors and performance mods

Just J says:

shut up you stuck up prick just enjoy the landy

Jack Striker says:

There is far to much comfort in that one,I would rather the old lay out with the opening vents.

Colin Desmond says:

the defender review is a discrase ! how could you say that of such of a buetiful car.

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