2015 Cadillac Escalade Review – Fast Lane Daily

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We’ve been waiting to review the new 2015 Cadillac Escalade and finally here it is! The 2015 Cadillac Escalade is powered by a 6.2 liter V8 engine making 420…


FastLaneDaily says:

In the market for a large luxury SUV? Make sure you check out our latest
review on the 2015 #Cadillac #Escalade – because this is one of our
favorite options!


TS13 says:

An Escalade better than a Range Rover… Hmmm 

hyylo says:

Cadillac Escalade is the best POJ (piece of junk)


aram442 says:

Matt black paint. Black wheels. Black tinted windows. And this thing will
kill it

Lawrence Timme says:

you need to take this to the track.

Raul Rosado says:

The Cadillac Escalade ESV is the new limo you can’t compare it to a
Mercedes or a Range Rover. It’s like comparing an apple to a watermelon.

aaron safi says:

I wish we had Cadillac here in the UK. :-(

Michael Klein says:

The auto running boards are not new, my dad’s 2010 Tahoe has them, they’re

Rick B says:

I’ll give you the front and the rear, but that wheel gap is INSANE! (in a
bad way) A range rover on full off-road mode doesn’t have that much
gap…. If I’m rolling in a close to 100k car I better not be able to fit
a Yaris between the tires and the fender unless I want to.

Henry Kincaid says:

At least a Range Rover or a g wagon could go off road, and before you say
that owners of range rovers don’t go off road; they do in Europe and I’m
pretty sure they don’t just break. Yes there are reliability problems with
land rovers but they do go a lot further than the 500 metres you are all
pretending is there max range before they break down. 

Sarin Murlidar says:

Lol at your last comment. I think a GL63 is MUCH more imposing and
aggressive on those 21” AMG Rims

Gaming 4 Ohio says:

Lmao American pos 400 Hp out of 6.2 liters haha my Land Rover has 510 HP 

Narrowc ross says:

lol 0 to 60 in 5.98, you have to be a total idiot to bileve that

Archibald VonFookFace says:

This thing weighs 5,800 pounds and it can go up to 155 mph? That’s stranger
than fiction!

money says:

The styling to me is meh, those taillights just don’t do it for me. And I
also think that the suede on the dash is kind of tacky, why not put all
leather? And the last thing is that 420 horsepower out of a 6.2 liter is
kind of ridiculous, supercharge or turbo the thing that way the engine can
be downsized.

Tommy Vercetti says:

I don’t think I have ever seen a Cadillac in England 

chase lupex says:

something this large 0-60 in 6 seconds? wow and its staggering that it can
actually reach 155 mph

Charlie Long says:

There is so much more that Mercedes and other similar companies have over
Cadillac it isn’t even funny. I don’t even consider Cadillac to be in the
same league as Mercedes, Audi, or BMW.. Most find the system hard to use.
The escalade is just a status symbol for classless people.

My Dream car is a 944. (no not the turbo the front bumper is ugly) Also, I wont stop til I get one says:

This is basically a dressed up suburban, which the suburban is a dressed up

The Immortal Sector says:

Who in they’re right mind would choose this over a range rover?

clovis myers says:

you could fit a family of mexicans in that thing! 

MeNitoA66 says:

Since when Land Rover makes a full size SUV? It’s not competition to
Escalade if there not even in the same category…Lincoln Navigator is the
only competition to Escalade…and it’s funny that it wasn’t even mention.
Maybe it can’t compete and there’s a reason they were compering to mid size

Axel sypkens smit says:

looks like a great car for Armerica. But his thing is as big as an average
European house + due to emissions this thing will cost a lot more in the
Netherlands. Also this thing is not looking better than its competitors in
my opinion but it’s one hell of a statement. 

Matt Galls says:

The Escalade is a boss’s car. A Range Rover is a rich soccer moms car

Elemino Musgrove says:

I own an ’05 Navigator… But I would love to have a 2015 Escalade… Too
clean, too nice.

And sorry, I only do american muscle, so my options don’t include Mercedes,
BMW, and the others…

Just wish this had front tow hooks like my truck. Occasionally it is used
as an actual SUV.

Ryan Basdeo says:

Sorry Omar…u just compared the range rover to this pos…..this is
another a tempt by an American car co. To look luxury. This is just a
leathered up Chevy suburban. Those taillights are a complete lazymans a
tempt at design. Looks like a Pontiac aztek. It’s nice….for an American
car. That’s it! The Germans know how to build and design a car. 

Sendi Huta says:

The new Escalade is the best SUV in the market now days. What you pay is at
par with the more expensive brands. 

Ahmed Khan says:

This car is about the same price as a Range Rover. Why would you buy this
over a Range Rover if you’re not either a) professional athlete b) pop
music/entertainment celebrity c) a drug dealer or d) a pimp?

clobbyhops says:

Who cares, I’m not towing anything with my 2015 Escalade! :)

Joep Schotten says:

Nice review

آحمد آلحربي says:

Everything is perfect but from the back ?? WTF i think they forget to
design the back , and the prais cmon ??? 90k ??? ~_~ 

NihselAuto says:

I am waiting for the 2015i Escalade which will have 360 camera and 8 speed

Tor Guy says:

This oversized SUV is BOSS, love itttttt

xCkillaxC says:

I dislike how Cadillac just implements the SAME infotainment system on
every model. They don’t even change it a little to refresh it. 

Torrey B says:

And 15MPG is not impressive… smh

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