2015 Buick LaCrosse DETAILED Review and Road Test – in 4k!

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How does the LaCrosse stack up against the Lexus ES and Chrysler 300? This is THE MOST DETAILED review on the tube.

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philip lubduck says:

Is the electronic suspension noticeably better on smooth roads or just bumpy roads. How much better is it over standard suspension. Also I'm debating this with the impala, opinions would be great. Price difference is small on used 2015 models.

Gerald Carroll says:

Hi, really love your programming. Please review the 2017 Buick Lacrosse AWD, thank you!

Kevin Gallagher says:

you said 0-60 is 6 seconds, is that in sport mode or regular? if in sport mode, what would you anticipate it to be in a model without a sport mode setting? thanks

norman Stephenson says:

Hello Alex great job on this video on the 2015 Buick Lacrosse; the presentation was well done…great job Alex.

SHAWN WU says:

i have one of this car

Harold Williams says:

I bought a LaCroose 6 months ago and I have never owned a better car and I have owned many, Quiet, comfortable, good mileage very attractive in and out.

Trevor Lynn says:

Your reviews are first rate. I appreciate your expertise and interest in Buick.

Spectre2300 says:

When the new redesigned Lacrosse comes out, will you be reviewing it?

JP Gwinn says:

Hi Mike
Please help, you mentioned three times the Manga Ride Suspension System ( this is a Denali like feature) found on the Yukon and the Sierra's in the GMC lineup. I work for a dealership and I cannot find anything that shows the system is in the 2016 Buick LaCrosse?Thank you, JP

Cody Gubernick says:

Love it so much.

Vickie Copeland says:

I just bought a 2015 LaCrosse used with super low mileage. I do not have a weather icon or Navigation icon. It does show Constar Navigation. How do I get them?

Ronda Stern says:

LOVE my 2015 LaCrosse!! A class act and WIFI capability is icing on a delicious cake!

craig doss says:

Alex for variances in front seats I.e. Lack of lumbar support in the passenger seat. Do you weigh that in your front seat comfort or is you rating really geared towards the drivers seat? Is it 50/50, 60/40?

888zhang says:

Great review! I like the way you compare it with competing models.

HensaStralem says:

I rented the AWD version of this for a work trip last week. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. It looked nice on the outside and inside, and for a lead-foot like myself, it performed well on the open highway. The only thing that sucked was the gas mileage. Even for an AWD vehicle, sub-20 MPG on the *highway* is inexcusable in 2015. But that aside, I could see myself driving this on the regular.

Guest says:

Is Buick's eAssist system reliable?

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