2015 Audi S6 Review

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The Audi S6 car flies so low under the radar it could scrape its belly on street signs. Enthusiasts know what it is, but the average motorist has no idea what caliber of heat the sedan is packing. So is this sleeper worth the four-ring premium?


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Theagchm says:

How can a rotating mass accelerate instantly like that; drop a gear or two perhaps! The attempt at livening up the speech is childish and really irritating. Con  ec  ti  vit  y. Guess he has never heard the word connectivity. Review is OK, reviewer doesn't have a clue.

Ashley Alvarado says:

jahahhahhahaha what the fuck Audi, why you don't offer a USB like anybody else. jahahaha xD
you're the best! jahha

Marco Alvarado says:

man this guy is good

NihselAuto says:

3:49 lmao. I would react the same way as Craig when Audi give that kind of crap.

Zack Ko says:

bla.. bla.. bla.. bored

Tuan Dinh says:

Craig is a evil genius I love it

Lee Hoon says:

nothing special about this car…I prefer the A6.

CoolNameDood says:

What type of jacket is he wearing. I am loving that jacket.

Edgard Ortiz says:

U keep up the good work sir!

asianmovement says:

this guy is funny

davidrx795 says:

A 27k wrx has a 0-60 4.9 sec. S6 v-8 is underpowered 

DSNCB919 says:

can you get an s6 with a a6 interior? I like performance trims power but I still enjoy the colorful wood interiors

Intel & Nvidia SUXXZZZ!!! says:

This reminds me of the Top Gear UK because of the camera works. This is probably one of the better reviews out there so far. Keep it going!

1bentley4ever says:

This car is a masterpiece.

JustLucky says:

It's still a VW….

Matthew White says:

Best car reviewer on Youtube imho. Good job! 

Jay Kune says:

I dont like the Interior Seats
Its exactly like those Funeral Casket Bedding

LawGuyCLE says:

Great host!

TheAutomotiveMan says:

Aren't the headlights shown in the video the full, LED ones?

ruchira sahabandu says:

wonderful review!!

Project Cthulhu says:

I like this car, but for $80,000 I could almost buy a used GTR.

Knights2214 says:

no new tech like update tachmeter like bmw

Stacey McGrath says:

What's the tune at the start?

chancy319 says:

I love this reviewer. He's so funny. Especially his Range Rover Evoque review. Absolutely hilarious.

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