2014 Mercedes-Benz S550 Start Up, Exhaust, and In Depth Review

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Alaatin61 says:

Check my channel for more Mercedes

Nikolai Nygaard says:


Brando T says:

If only it has the reliability of Lexus…

POGProductionz says:

I should have Blue Ray and HDMI instead of Composite because of the price 

Алексей Батурин says:

when will w222 s 600 ? I very much wait! for previously thank you so much!


Best car money can buy, Rolls and Bentleys are just for show 

faisal bajwa says:

Ur voice sux, why do u blow do many videos, r u a lunatic or u get paid to

jwatwater says:

The signal and brake lights being the same bulb really bothers me. I wish
the USDOT would allow the Euro style tail lights…

abinim007 says:

I love your reviews Saabkyle04!!! 

Leo Fikremariam says:

I really love the interior color. 

Ireignmothafawka says:

My parents just bought this car xD I can’t wait to bring it home this
weeknd. (I’m not able to drive yet but I got a year)

Paul Njeru says:

Nice Video but you need a camera man.That way, you’d broadcast better.

orphanroaming says:

S-Class sets the standards!

Bender Rodriguez says:

The best way of pissing off the chairman of Mercedes-Benz is if you give
him as a birthday gifth a BMW 7.

psymin arrow says:

luxurious interior but electronic dashboard and 2-spoke steering wheel are
ridiculous combination of retro-style inner design with android tablet
screen instead of traditional arrows and indicators.

ilke tama says:

why rear seat have not heater and cooler

Tanel Murd says:

where is backup wheel?

Kobe B says:

Raced a 63 today on the 405 freeway with my old S500 just for fun, oh my
god I need to trade in, The S64 look amazing and ridiculously fast.

Kind Racer says:

I don’t know why those arab sheikhs are buying the rollers, I have got into
one and i don’t see any reason in choosing that over this. maybe it’s the
brand name, rolls royce sounds big? I would take this over a roller anyday

Connor Snell says:

I thought the w221 began in 2006 

TheRustyWeapon says:

Man, my driver is gonna love this!!!

sebanofear says:

What a machine!

CarLover1289 says:

I wish that automakers would go back to actual gauges, those LCD/TFT
displays look rubbish in a Mercedes. I miss the beautiful aluminium
surrounds and almost watch-face-like quality of the gauge needles and faces

Kind Racer says:

I’m had started saving money some 2 years ago, which one do I look into?
This or the AMG version?

Sheldon Hall says:

Call me old school but I hate the trend of digital gauge clusters…just
like a watch; there’s something about the elegance of gauge rings and
needles that these screens just can’t emulate.

d stuart says:

i’d like mine to run on solar power and have a buffet in the back seat!

mercguy658 says:

Mercedes was, is and will stay the #1 car on planet earth. 

thatguyh24 says:

He does the same review everytime just different cars . All the cars have
the same review.

Wayne Buffin says:

that interior is clean

Jojo Daley says:

It’s looks boring in black not put it in ruby black with the white and
black design interior and the brown design wood.

Darlene Mitchel says:

Further proof that you just need to find your niche people. Find what you
love. This guy did.

Liam Guan says:

fuel level dropped from 10% to 5%…

Mommad Uddin says:

Makes a Rolle Royce look cheap

0Tidgy0 says:

Mini limo.

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