2014 Chrysler 300 SRT8 Core Review & Road Test

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So, you want a modern-day muscle car dripping in street cred. With 350kW – or close enough. For $60k, tops.

The Chrysler 300 SRT8 Core is an awesome car – no question about that. The only thing it doesn’t do is blend in, under the radar. It actually held the door open when the handed out ‘subtlety’.

It’s a brilliant execution of a modern-day muscle car. The 300’s got the hot rod style roof chop, superlative driveline performance. Just shy of 350kW. It’s a muscle car – brain bending engine outputs on a more or less beer budget – and just enough grip to get you into trouble. Muscle cars are like that – and this is the latest in a long line of that grand tradition.

It’s beyond adequate – in every respect. You could do a drug deal in this car, and then valet it at a five-star hotel.


Dewmont Jerkins says:

Oh my God– the 300 has nothing to do with meth heads– guy has Chevys confused with Chryslers…

1966human says:

This car reminds me of my Grampas VG valiant

Sandy Sharma says:

After watch this video I'm getting this for sure 😇

Junior King says:

does the core have remote start

Freedom4Life says:

Great review

Turbo X says:

I have a 2009 6.1 SRT8. Totally reliable, massive spec (adaptive cruise and a DVD player on a 2009 car?), and the best thing ever installed on any car, ever. Hyperdrive. Floor that throttle, any gear, any speed, and watch the horizon get very close, very quickly. All accompanied with one of the best soundtracks ever to accompany a car.

And before anyone mentions the fuel consumption….if I was that arsed about how much fuel my car used, I'd have bought a Yaris. If the first thing you think about when you see an SRT8 is how much fuel it drinks, I would respectfully suggest that you have missed the point of these amazing cars.

AJV80 says:

Not wrong, an excellent car for drug deals and at the same time easily carries the kids to soccer practice. This car takes shits bigger than a miserable pathetic Prius and makes Nissan Leaf owners cry themselves to sleep, bedsheets soaked with tears. The only criticism I have is that the engine is undersized and could have been a lot bigger. Mind you I do hear rumours that the next model will be running twin 6.4 V8 Hemi’s mounting the second engine in the boot which is excellent for weight distribution. Chrysler are so ahead of the curve.. Tesla really needs to wake up and get with the times, Tesla design and market cars primarily on the LGBT demographic… putting all your eggs in one basket is not a smart business model.

Dave Johnson says:

Mine is more economic than my old BMW 525. 10.5L /100 normal cruising.

BassManBobBassCovers says:

How did he know I was a crystal meth cooking kingpin?!?!

Kelvin Ham says:

wait till it breaks down, which it will, getting it fixed will be fun, wait and see.

Theharrizable says:

lol before jon was paid by kia and hyundai

Steve Johnson says:

If I had $60,000 to burn,
– I wouldn't want a chrysler product.
– I wouldn't accept automagic transmission.
– I would want Safety Yellow finish, as Miata used to have..
Been decades since I had a car that would Catch Third.

Archie Arch says:

There is no Mercedes touches! Analog clock came from 1997 LHS, which replicated old Imperials!!!

Faulty Brain says:

Oh yeah, let's give the thumbs up to a car the Dealer lets him road test but bag everything else because most Dealers wouldn't let this guy anywhere near their cars.

Liddz says:

Haha, great review! I'm doing my utmost to save my money but they look and sound so damn good I just want to get one!

Lane Romel says:

I have this car, and it is without a doubt the most fun car I have ever owned, with amazing reliability.

Dominic Earley says:

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Dominic Earley says:

Just imagine how much harder it would go on a direct injection LPi system. LPG expands 2000 times on direct injection into the cyld head. It is an increase of something like 10% power. When it transfers from liquid to a gas, this is a cooling process, so you can reduce the size of the radiator. Australia has the LPG reserves on tap, we sell it to China for about 3 cents a ltr. We Australians have the infrastructure in place to use LPG. All we need to do is design a pressure tank that is not in the shape of a cylinder, so we can put it in any vehicle. The fuel has to travel to the donk in a pressured hose. Ford did a thing that ensured this pressure, when you opened the door. It does work and has been proven to be a superior fuel to all others.( http://www.brc.it/en/auto-ad-iniezione-diretta-di-gpl-allo-stato-liquido.asp ) ( http://www.motoring.com.au/liquid-injection-lpg-falcon-on-sale-mid-year-24415/ ).

egotisticalbastrd says:

Just traded this for an 08' Jaguar XF SV8 and would never look back. As great as the motor is, the longer I lived with it, the more it pissed me off. From day one it had bits and pieces either not working, rattling etc. Without adaptive suspension and the weighty steering, long trips drain the shit out of you.

IMO, if you can, go the extra and get the full-blood SRT with all the goodies.

Great for quick blasts along a motorway, but don't for a second think it can hold a candle to any of the euro makers.

Kifo says:

Kilowatts? What is it – a microwave?

wipout1 says:

how many bodies can fit in the boot?

robortian says:

What's different between a srt and srt core?

Fat Tony Slim says:

The American SRT has navigation and back up camera, standard.

Montassar ZAYER says:

how about a hellcat review

Brendon Burgess says:

Excellent review! I still don't what will to replace my FG XR6T going forward, but this seems like alternative, that should be close to what I'm accustomed to. Will be weird not buying Australian though…

Kamadev888 says:

Chryslers tend to be extremely unreliable cars. I know this from both forum posts and a Chrysler official mechanic!

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