2012 Maserati GranTurismo Convertible Sport Review, Walkaround, Exhaust, Start-Up & Rev

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Founded by six Italian brothers in 1914. Maserati switched their focus from race cars to road cars in the 1960’s. While the brand did experience financial trouble in the U.S. in the 1980’s, they’ve been back with a vengeance since 2005. When the GranTurismo was introduced in 2009, it helped to re-establish Maserati as an exotic Italian car brand.


John Johnson says:

Say PARTICULAR one more time – Samuel L Jackson

Dean PROBERT says:

This guy doesn't know his stuff What a terrible presentation

Colton Williams says:

It’s not a supercar he even said it

Autopia Alana Lewis says:


James Therian says:

Just 2 minutes on Wikipedia and you could have avoided looking like you know nothing about the brand, nice video aside from that.

ERICtheLATE says:

I wish there was a way to do a vvt delete. Some more elaborate aftermarket for these would be nice, besides rims and suspension.

Andy Broer says:

The Maserati brothers sold to the Orsi family in 1937… read… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maserati

Andy Broer says:

Maserati won the INDY500 in 1939 and 40 with Wilbur Shaw… they didn't arrive in the 1960s… ugh…

Andy Broer says:

Gotta say… your knowledge of Maserati or 'lack there of' should have stopped you from making this review. Founded in 1914 by 6 brothers being older than Ferrari and very obviously Lamborghini, Maserati has as much caché if not more than either in terms of history. Its rivals are more likely ALFA than Ferrari (which was originally an ALFA driven by Enzo). I had to stop watching as your credibility is in such a poor state. Next time do your homework before rolling cameras. Very sad as your topic was intoxicating as a used car purchase for me.

Chris Lang says:

Great review. I have a QP and the interior is remarkable. Mine is champagne exterior with peanut butter interior with massive woodgrain design. My favorite thing about the car is that the seat and steering wheel adjust to my regular spot each time I start it up AND the paddle shifters.

The GT Convertible is the next one up for me. Then it’s on the the Lambo. 😃


This is a really dumb question, but I'm gonna ask it anyway. Is the owner of Jerry's Ford named Jerry?

Freddy Martinez says:

My friend has a car in this exact color combo.  I drove it.  It's fucking gorgeous, the back isn't the best but it's beautiful.  I floored it and it was fast but it didn't scare me.  My car has 333 hp.  So I dunno I was expecting to get kicked into the seat hard.

Personally I'd get a GTR.

Deer Lord says:

it's not a supercar, it is a grand tourer hence the name Gran Turismo, it is meant to be a performance and luxurious vehicle for long rides, but not at the level of a supercar.

Guitars Creed says:

It's not a supercar lol

melanin god says:

this is a nice car. thanks for the info I will look into the 2013 model

Harry O says:

"back in the sixties"? Maserati was founded 100 years ago, way before Lamborghini or Ferrari were around.

FireIceGamer says:

The back could not be uglier. what were theey thinking

Josh Devries says:

Garbage review

miguel 135 says:

hello it has a back button (esc) escape hello dont u have a computer lol

Matt Rowlands says:

Too bad you didn't get to drive it. 🙁

TheLifeOfCars says:

uh since when did this video came on the channel. I don't remember this

Allerum says:

It does have a Ferrari engine…

harjeet singh says:

Hahaha!! Maserati, I think you forgot to make the car properly. Nice check engine light. Sheesh…They do say the more you pay, the less you get and in this case you get less reliability.

Kev50027 says:

I can understand that sentiment, but the rational part of me doesn't get it. For that money, I'd rather have a BMW M6.

Jhananigans says:

I would have to disagree, albeit respectfully. Maseratis are not necessarily about being the fastest, or the most technologically advanced. The way I see it, it's more about the way they make you feel when you drive them, the comfort, the noise, etc. The whole "italian" vibe. And a big reason why people buy them is because they are beautiful! Seems like you answered your own question there.

Demba Gano says:

nice exhaust!!

Kev50027 says:

I never understood Maseratis. For example, a BMW 6 series is faster and has far superior technology, and it's not Italian, so it won't fall apart. That said, this Maserati is a very beautiful car, but compared to its competition it falls flat.

Khalil Ealy says:

did you try the escape button? just a suggestion

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