2010 Daewoo Nexia. Start Up, Engine, and In Depth Tour.

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2010 Daewoo Nexia. Start Up, Engine, and In Depth Tour.
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Pedro Guilherme Jungbluth says:

very boring car.
Here in Brazil he was market as Chevrolet Kadett and had a GSI version, even a convertible model!

Riley Smith says:

I found one of these in Mexico (One of the last)

Kevron Harris says:

I love that shade of gold on the Daewoo Nexia. Overall, it looks nice.

Omar Ahmed Lotayef says:

I was scared

Omar Ahmed Lotayef says:

The car almost ran out of gas

Bergbau Hansi says:

Nice Opel Kadett

koykorom says:

Your narrating style reminds me of Saabkyle04 car reviews.

gixeff 750 says:

what a shed!!! love it though!

Signal 20 says:

sure hope you got that turn signal bulb replaced by now.

Bizarrix says:

Where does this car comes from?I know it is a Korea design but I don´t know where they still make it

Yasir Faiz says:

its actually 1990's daewoo racer

The Gaming Channel says:

didn´t Daewoo stopped making cars?

florin petre says:

its the same daewoo cielo with little modification on the interior, front and rear bumper headlghts and back hood. n

Peter Bartolo says:

my dad had the original version of this car a 95 Daewoo cielo .. very good car considering it was really German engineered also nicer than this one .. this just puts it to shame …

Vladimír Dudák says:

Nice 2010 repack of 1984 – 1991 Opel Kadett E 🙂

AZex DUB says:

8:13 song ?????

Marcin1996 says:

daewoo nexia new nie wygląda już jak kadett e a jeszcze są lanosy ale t już na ukrainie

CC12093498756 says:

E-tec, has Evinrude seen this

04smallmj says:

*Second world country.

04smallmj says:

They don't, this is just a seriously outdated POS sold in Russia.

Ezrick Anthony Marines says:

Why euro cars look like american 90s cars

BigDogsDangler says:

what a hideous cheap poor quality sack of shit of a car

James Holleran says:

Third world country saabkyle, presents daewoo from 2010 which is actually geo metro from 1993.

김준 says:

better than bmw

Максим Коновалов says:

так это же 80 года =) Опель кадет, только с слегка измененным дизайном =)
Как же их до сих пор выпускают?=) А главное покупают… =)

TheCarArchives says:

in Uzbekistan

SwPiotrek says:

How much cost new one in Russia?

SwPiotrek says:

It's GM from 1984 (Vauxhall Astra MK2 / Opel Kadett E)

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